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1969 Chevy Camaro

Here’s a New project that just arrived in the shop!!  This 1969 Camaro is from Peoria Az. It looks good from far, but it’s far from good. This is an all original numbers matching (looks to be) camaro looking to be restored.

This car really does look pretty good from 10′, but its time to clean it up back to original. The owners know that investing some money into a car like this is a good investment. These cars are becoming very rare to find in this condition.

The original equipment is all here, right down to the A/C and brackets. This car hasn’t been torn apart, so its absolutely a perfect car to keep costs down and end up with a showroom car. This is not what you want someone to see when showing off your camaro. Everybody loves camaros!

The 69 Camaro is undoubtedly the premier muscle car! This car is the first car people think of when they hear muscle car.

This car is tired after 44 yrs. The goal here is to make this car look like it just rolled off the showroom floor from back in 1969. For a numbers matching car this is the smartest investment choice.

The plan here is to restore this vehicle back to showroom like condition, and do it all within the customers budget. Keep checking in to see the progress on this car.

With the hood off we can start to pull the engine. This process isn’t too bad if you keep things organized. This is the original 350 engine for this car, putting this engine back into the car after its completely rebuilt and balanced is a smart way to go.

Engines out! now it gets stripped down and rebuilt. 

Now that the engines out its time to start cleaning things up. The steering, fuel system, suspension and rest of the drive train will be gone thru. 

The rear end is out. all the spring bushing and shocks need replaced. This car was leaning hard to one side, that is usually caused by worn out suspension parts like the ones seen here. 

The rear end has been gone threw and is all cleaned up. The front end as you can see is next. The bushings and suspension components will be gone threw and replaced as needed.

There is a right way and a wrong way to restore a car. The wrong way is to ignore important parts of the job, like the A-arms here. replacing the ball joints and putting in new bushings is a tough job. The right way is to just get it done. This car will ride like brand new after replacing these vital parts.

The engine has been completly rebuilt and Balanced as well! This is a numbers matching engine for the original 69 camaro!! This car will become more and more valuable. The body bushings all needed replaced 

The bushings in the A-arms have been replaced and the arms are installed back into the vehicle. The correct time to put the coil springs back in is after the engine is put back, the weight of the engine helps. spring compressors can always be used as well.

The sway bar bushings needed replaced as well. Its best to replace all the rubber bushings at the same time, if you leave old bushings in it will cause the new ones to wear incorrectly, or maybe even fail. To get full advantage of a great new ride be sure to update all these parts at the same time.

The front end is all back together. Now that the motor is back in the car, the dual exhaust can be installed. 

The engine is bolted back in the car and, has been detailed and factory painted, the parts will get cleaned up and be bolted back on. the engine compartment will look like it did the day it hit the dealer.

The dash pad has been removed from the Camaro, this is a good time to make sure everything under here is working. The switch i’m holding is the controls for the Heat/ AC, it was not working properly.

The entire assembly had to be taken out of the car, the slide controls are sticking, the blower switch is bad and the Heat/AC switch is also in need of replacement.

The bottom of the rear window has always been a spot in the camaros that have rust. Water gets trapped under the chrome trim and produces rust. This ones not too bad and can be fixed pretty easy.


Once you remove the paint, you start to see just how bad the rust is. This isn’t too bad, but the rust will have to be cut out and the skin repaired.

The left and right sides of the car had rust in the same spots. This is because the cowl vent area weep holes get clogged with dirt and hold the moisture.


The bodywork has begun! This car looked great, but let’s see how straight the body really is. The spots you see on the deck lid and trunk area indicate areas where the body was too high. These need to be sanded until there level and flat.

The surface area was  prepped and ready for the new piece to be welded into place. After welding and grinding the surface smooth, light weight body filler is used to get the area smooth and flat. 

The major bodywork is done. This is the stage where the primmer sealer goes on. This will allow the car to be block sanded to get is flat and smooth.

The high build primmer sealer that will be applied, gives you a surface that is thick enough to block sand. This is so you can be able to get rid of any ripples or small dings without using body filler.

The 69 Camaro is now gray. This is a special primmer sealer, it will cure for a period of time and then the final sanding will begin. 

Here you have one of the favorite American muscle cars. This 1969 Camaro is getting a classic restoration. It is just about ready for paint. The primmer will cure for a while and then the car will get sanded with various grits of paper, then wet sanded before paint.

The trunk area in any classic car, like this 69 Camaro. Have always had issues with rust. The seals were never very good and water would sit in the trunk areas. Did you know there are drain holes in most every car? making sure they are clear and working is regular maintenance, just like an oil change. 

The Trunk floor of the camaro has been cut out. Not all of this needed to be replaced, but the replacement section we purchased was the whole bottom.

Here’s the shot of the trunk after the rusty floor has been cut out. The floor supports look a little rusty, but there fine. This is just surface rust, it will get cleaned up before the new floor section goes in.

The new section fits great! It will finish getting welded in and smoothed out, it will be difficult to tell the floor has been worked on.

The trunk pan is finished, it has a coat of Black primer. The primer will keep it from rusting until the entire floor gets a speckle coating, just like the factory finish.

The inside of the Camaro is being pulled apart. The yellow dust you see here is foam from the bucket seats. The seats are all rotted, they will be stripped down to the metal frames and all new materials ordered.

This is a shot of the interior while being pulled apart. After cleaning up the mess, you see that the floors look to be in perfect shape.

The overall shape of the interior looks pretty good. Original materials for the interior will be ordered after the exterior is finished being painted.

The seats are really broken down. As you see the foam is deteriorated from the years of Phoenix heat. The seats will have to be taken down to the springs and new foam ordered.

The seats were stripped down and the materials thrown out. The springs on the bucket seats have a layer of cotton holding the springs in place. The springs will be checked, we found a few broken springs on the drivers seat already. 

The next stage for the 1969 Camaro is to Jamb it. That means, to paint all the areas between the doors, fenders and under the hood. 

The best way to paint all the inside areas, is to take them apart. This is part of the process, sometimes you take the car apart and reassemble it many times. With the hood off you can paint all the factory areas.

When prepping the areas for paint, you need to sand all the areas smooth and then clean all the parts before tapping off for paint.

The trunk lid is taken apart and the areas prepped. The trunk hinges also need to be painted the factory color.

The top of the window ridge still had old door seal materials. The only way to remove this is to spend the time and scrape it off. Its time consuming, but its the only way to make sure its clean for paint.

Here’s a before and after shot of the engine compartment. The 69 Camaro Factory color looks great! This project keeps getting closer to being finished.

The door jamb areas take the longest, but they sure look good after all that work. All the seals are thrown out and will be replaced with new ones.

Here’s the trunk lid. The color is tough to see in the photos, but it is just perfect.

The hood only has a few edges to paint to keep it factory. The inside of the hood will be factory black and then the New Factory insulation will be installed.

Here’s a few more shots of the completed hood area. The under the hood Insulation will be installed once the car is painted and almost complete.

If you look close you can see the new door seals, these were ordered a while back. The seals need to be put in so the final wet-sand can start.

These seals look great. If you’ve ever worked in this business before, you know that all seals are not created equal. There’s nothing worse than fighting with seals that wont let you close the door. Soft Seals are the only way to go.

These spots are areas that were found during the final wet-sand. They were so subtle that most shops would have just painted over them. They look good sized, but its the blending that you see.

This is a few shots of the hood, if you rework any filler you have to re-primmer the surface to prevent dry spots when shooting the Base Coat. Here you can see that the new primmer has been sprayed, and ready to be wet sanded.

The car is being final wet sanded, the car is getting that much closer to being ready for paint.

The last of the painted parts are ready for the New Original Factory paint. The car is next, it will get a final wet sand and dried.

The 69 Camaro is all wet sanded and being dried before it can get taped off. Everything needs to be cleaned before the car can get painted. Dirt and paint don’t mix.

After cleaning everything and making sure the car is dry, the careful taping off process begins. This actually takes hours to get the car ready to paint.

Once the car is taped off and ready, it still needs to be wiped down with a special cleaner to remove any grease or oil from hands touching it. There are many things that can cause contamination during the paint process.

This stage is called the base coat stage. The color is applied in several coats until its an even color on all the parts being sprayed. Once the parts are inspected, they get tacked down (clean wipe) to remove any contaminations.

The next stage is the Clear Coat, this is the process that makes everything pop! Most paint shops stop after a maximum of two coats, that fine but not in Phoenix Az. The suns UV is very harsh on your paint in Phoenix.

After a very long day of painting, its all done! Wow, it looks so good. This is gonna be a real head turner. This car is going to look ten times better than the day it came off the show room! It looks like its dripping wet, its actually pretty dry by this time. Very Nice!

69 Camaro is coming along, the paint is being color sanded and buffed out. That starts with a compound and then polish stages. Sometimes you need to do this process a couple times to get it right.


The chrome pieces for the Camaro need to be gone thru and hand polished. These are original pieces, they are a little pitted and will take time to polish. This is the chrome piece for the side marker lights.

There are a lot of parts that need cleaned and detailed for the 69 Camaro, while we work on cleaning these up the color sanding continues.

The quality of the paint is fantastic! The light in the shop is not so good, so its hard to get a great picture. This 69 Camaro is gonna turn heads everywhere it goes.

The trunk of the 69 Camaro needs to be speckled painted before the outside of the car is completed. The car is masked off and the inside wiped down for paint. The inside floor will still have a floor liner and all the original equipment installed before its done.

The 1969 Camaro looks amazing, we need to put this back to factory specs. This car had the Hockey Stick Decal stripes on it when it was sold. These stripes were applied at the dealership, sometimes decals, sometimes paint.

We are applying the Decals to bring it back to original condition. The paint is the original  Vin Code, so the Hockey Stick Stripes also need to go back to original. This car is getting all the details put back in order.


 The car looks Amazing! Its just difficult to show in pictures how great this car looks. It still has some exterior assembly, but its getting very close. This will be one of the nicest Original 1969 Camaro’s in Arizona!

The 69 Camaro is getting an upgraded HEI Distributor setup. The cost is very much worth the benefits, the original points type distributor requires maintenance, point to adjust, dwell setting and setting the timing often.

The swap out is pretty straight forward, but it has to be done right or you will foul the New Spark Plugs. The New Distributor looks great! It still has an old school original look, but make self tuning very easy. No points to mess with and the old style coil is out of the way.

The headliner and Interior are up next for the 69 Camaro, the original materials are going to be used to get it back to Factory Original. There were several material types and color for the 69 Interior. Old school headliners are not the easiest to install, it takes patients and skill to get it done.


The Interior of the Camaro is pretty much apart, the first thing that needs to happen is the Headliner, the Headliner is being steamed before it can get installed. The Radio can go in while we get out the wrinkles. 

The stock radio in the Camaro needs to come out, the New unit will replace the non-working stock radio. While its out, we need to install some new speakers. The Original Dash speaker will be replaced by a new upgraded one.

To get the old speaker out, we must remove all of the A/C and heat ducting. The speaker is behind all the various parts bolted under the dash. It will take some time to get the New Radio and Speakers Installed.

Here’s a shot of the New radio and Speakers next to the old Units. There are some differences, some modifications may be required.

The New Radio has been installed and all the duct work put back together. It was some work, but the New Radio looks like a stock replacement. This radio does have some upgraded features, you can plug in an Ipod, scan stations and there connections for a remote amp if one is wanted in the future. The Headliner is getting started…These always take time.

Here’s a shot of the head liner, it looks a little gray but Its all black. Also the old dash has been kept around to compare to the new one. We wanted to make sure that they are absolutely a like. The old one doesn’t look too bad, but its all warped out of shape. There is some kind of sticky film on the outside that won’t come off. This is what happens to these old dashes in the Arizona sun.

The New Dash has been installed, vents put in, ash tray and glove box. The Interior of a black car is very hard to photograph. The colors are true black, but the camera makes it look more dark gray. Notice the New rocker covers…

There’s a lot of work to get details like these speakers done. The hat tray panel has to be made, the 6×9 speakers have to be installed in the right location of the stock rear deck and things need to get fitted and re-fitted before final install.

This is the rear seat back. The New Hounds tooth looks great! The new seat looks just like the old Original. Once it gets steamed and scotch guarded it will be ready to install.

The Camaro has a lot of little details to finish up. The tail lights can now go in, the New Gasket set showed up and the lights, door handles, locks and side markers can be installed.

Assembly always takes a little longer than dis-assembly. Not sure why, but care must be taken not to damage the New Paint, or the parts being installed.

The door handle gaskets that came with the new kit are ugly and too small. They say 1969 Camaro, but they won’t protect the New Paint like is needed. So, sometimes you have to make things yourself! I had some quality rubber around the shop and made much better gaskets. The details are important to us for a reason.

The window felts need to be put in while the door panels are still off. The new ones have arrived and seem pretty nice. There are things that need to happen before the door can be finished. Water gets in the door anytime you wash the car, this water needs an exit. Also the door panel needs to be protected against water damaging and molding the new piece.

The New Exterior window felts are in place, a little hard to tell, but they are exactly like the Originals.

The front cowl molding needs to be installed, before we can put it in, we have to wet sand and polish the New Paint. A piece like this takes time, lots of little detail areas to polish.

The car has a great shine to it, there is no wax on this surface. What you see is a highly polished surface, all from a clear coat that has had lots of time being polished.

The Hazard button is broken, now is the best time to replace the turn signal cam and the hazard button. These are pretty common failures on a vehicle this old. There are a lot of parts to remove to replace the part, but its worth having it done instead of a do it yourself project.

The 69 Camaro steering colum will get cleaned up and put back together with the new turn assembly. We made this look pretty quick, but it is a little tedious without the proper tools.

The rear panels that go in the Camaro are pretty trashed, we purchased new ones that came with the Interior kit…All i got was pretty much a piece of vinyl and some cardboard. Looks like were making all new panels for the rear.

The old panel is torn down to use as a template, we cut new cardboard and started bonding it to the metal that covers the top portion of the rear quarter.

The front grill area still needs to be assembled, there are a few small pieces that need cleaned up and detailed before we can put the grill in. These are the cans, or covers that house the headlights. They are being prepped for some new paint.

The rear panels are coming along, with the chrome strip inserted they can now be put in the car. The whole reason we sealed the area behind the panel, was to prevent moisture from getting to the back of these panels. That cardboard wouldn’t last long if they got wet.

The rear seating area is complete! Wow, that black and white hounds tooth looks great! The white just stands out. While the rear seat is being put together, we started on the front buckets. These are seat covers made in a factory. they have all the same exact styling as the originals. 

The outside of the car still has assembly taking place, the 69 Camaro needs the old window trim put back on. These pieces are dirty and covered with paint from the last guy who painted this car, the second photo shows the chrome trim all clean and ready to install.

Here’s a before and after of the front grill. At first glance this could be a 68 Camaro, the 69 grill is very different. Front end looks factory original! This cars gonna win some trophies…

The 69 Camaro interior is getting close to completed. The drivers seat still needs to be rebuilt. The New Trunk Mat came in today, it’s the factory Original hounds tooth pattern. Now that looks factory! The trunk area is really clean compared to the rusty shape it was in. Very Nice!

The last pieces of the inside of this 69 Camaro are the door panels. The old ones are in pretty rough shape, this complete restore deserves crisp new panels. All the trim pieces from the old panels had to be cleaned up and transfered to the new ones. This was a lot more work than it looks.

The door has to be sealed up so water won’t damage the new panels. Plastic not paper will last a long time. The new panel has been mounted and looks just like it did back in 69. Maybe even better…

The 1969 Chevy Camaro is all done! Wow, this is a Gorgeous car!! This car looks like it just got delivered to the dealer, the Original equipment makes this a real head turner.

The front end is one of the features that made this car so popular, the stance these cars have is striking!

This is a Numbers Matching 1969 Chevy Camaro, whats the value of this car today?? This is a solid investment in todays car collectors market, an original 69 Camaro , all numbers matching and restored at this level make this a car any collector would want.

It looks even better than it’s pictures!































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