LS SWAPS and Installs

This is one good looking Plymouth Fury! The Convertible is just a fun car, the push button shifter is pretty cool too!


This 1965 Chevy Corvette came to us for some service work. This beautiful Corvette has some leaks that need to be addressed. 

The car looks great at just about any angle, but no one likes to find a puddle of fluids under the car after it sat over night. We will clean things up and discover where these nasty leaks are coming from.


This 1963 Rambler convertible is being made into a “Gasser”. This is going to be a real head turner, the front end is already around true ride height.

This project came to us out of Phoenix Az. The chassis still needs to be squared and setup. The Owner has got a great start, everything looks like top notch work. At an estimated 600hp, this ride better done right!

The steering, brakes, suspension and transmission cross member will be just a few of the items we will start to tackle. The ride height is pretty close to set, the engine has already been mounted. The tires look massive, but there’s plenty  of room under the wheel wells for more.

The Headers for a gasser come out the inner fender area. These hang down too low, so we will cut them back at the flange and get them higher in the wheel well area.

You can see the difference in the wheel clearance. The header is now closer up inside the wheel well and won’t burn the tires.

This is how the Gasser’s were setup for race, this will have cutouts and mufflers installed so it can be driven on the street as well.


The rear end setup in this Rambler is critical! This car will produce some serious horsepower, so measuring and getting the proper angles is very important. Once everything is square and in place, we can start welding things in to stay.

There’s a lot of welding that needs to be done before this rear end is solid. The Owner has done some of the setup and had things looking pretty good. We only moved a few things and changed the pinion angle. The transmission had the be mounted and a cross member made as well.


We have a 1962 Galaxie 500 that came to us for some assembly work and the Interior. This is a pretty cool looking ride, the old craiger’s give the car a very Old School look.

The Galaxie came to us already painted. The trim will get straightened detailed, painted and assembled back onto the car. The Interior will get redone and the majority of seals replaced.

The Interior is very dry rotted and will come out, the Interior will come apart when the New pieces start to arrive.

All the seals for the Galaxie 500 will get replaced, window felts, door seals, hood and trunk. We may have a problem finding all the Original type seals for this car.

The wing windows in the Ford Galaxie have to come out to have all the seals replaced. The amount of time that goes into doing the job right, one just doesn’t know until you dig in.

The old weather stripping and seals are dry rotted and very hard. We already have a few of the proper seal, so we will start to replace them while we wait for more parts to show up.

These are the interior moldings that go above the door panel, the felt that goes against the window is gone, the metal is there, but the felt is rotted away. You need to replace these when they get to this stage, the metal edges will scratch the window glass. You can see the new felts now in place.

The trunk lid has a seal on it, that was painted with the car. The seal should have been removed before this car was ever painted. The old one will come off and the area prepped for the new seal.

These are the vertical pieces that the window rides on, they are usually the first thing to wear out. The old channels are drilled out and the new ones fastened back in place.

After the Galaxie’s old seal is removed, there’s a lot of clean up to do. You can’t install a new seal over dirt and crud like this, the area will be carefully cleaned so the New Seal will bond to the car.

The New Seal for the Ford Galaxie 500 is test fit and cut, then the New Seal is glued or bonded to the car and left to dry. The rubber for commercial seals is not all the same, the softer the better.

Even the front cowl seal was replaced, this seal is probably the easiest to remove and replace. Attention to details is what sets us apart from other companies.

The Interior of the Ford Galaxie needs to be stripped out. The seats look pretty good, but they are hard and cracked. It looks like there has been mice living under the back seat.

The nest where the rats live looks to be empty, the side panels have holes chewed thru them and lots more nests under the quarter window.

The headliner is removed and more rats nests are found in the side panel areas. The windows need to be removed, the seals are cracked and leak water.

The rear window has been removed, it was difficult because the seal was dried and very brittle. we will also need to make a new hat tray.  

The New Headliner is hung in place, you always want to dry fit it before any cutting. Old school headliners are a lot of work, they need to be pulled tight in so many directions. This one is white, so no dirty hands while installing it. 

Starting in the back, the headliner gets pulled tight. Then you do the same in the front and kind of work your way to the corners. Every headliner is different, you also are dealing with who ever made the new headliner if it was pre-sewn. 

The rear window is installed with a new seal, these windows are huge and very difficult to install. The hat tray area is having a new piece made up before the seat can go in.

There are pieces to the interior you just can’t buy, luckily we have our own Upholstery shop! The picture on the left is the old Wind Lace and a new piece that was made to replace it. The picture on the right is the Hat Tray under construction. This piece will go up in the back window area, just behind the rear seat.

This is a before and after shot of the rear seat, the picture on the left is the old faded cracked rear seat, the picture on the right is of the New Seat Cover after assembly.

Here’s some pictures of the bottom seat, it looks a little rough but the materials under the old vinyl look pretty good. The old cover is removed and the seat is ready for the New Cover.

The Interior of the 62 Ford Galaxie is starting to shape up. The New panels and seat look great together, the carpet is going in next and then the seat bottom can be installed.

The interior of the 62 Ford Galaxie is back to a factory original. This car has some great looks to it. 

Almost done, clean up some feet prints, assemble the passenger door and the front see can go in. The picture on the right is the completed interior, we still have a few minor things, such as door seals, but the Galaxie Interior looks great!

In for service is this 1955 Ford Coupe. The repair list will be a little long, we will be starting with a Custom Disk Break Setup. 

The first step is getting the New Disc Brake setup done, is to get the vehicle in the air and start checking the parts that came in with the 55 Ford.

Close inspection tells us there is room on the firewall for the new booster and the front end is still all Original. Getting the front brake drums apart is next.

The entire brake drum all the way to the spindal can be removed, the new disc brake setup came with spindals. Next is to install the New Spindals and start to assemble the disc brakes.

We made this look pretty fast, getting the old master cylinder and pieces out of the way took time. The New Master Cylinder and Booster was suposed to be a direct bolt in…They almost never are. To get proper clearance and pedal setup, we had to make custom shims to hold the booster in the right location.

The 55 Customline is getting a New Radiator, this old one has seen better days. The cooling isn’t what it used to be, this 302 Motor needs an Aluminum Radiator to assist in better cooling.

The 55 Ford also had a parking problem, this car used to be a shift on the column, therefore it won’t stay in park now that it’s been upgraded to an Automatic. We decided to install a Lokar floor shifter rather than install a different steering column, still waiting on the floor boot to come in. Now it’s a little more Hot Rod!

This Very Cool 1958 Ford Ranchero is in for service. The heater core is leaking inside the the passenger floor area.

The Ranchero came with a punch list of repair items. This is a sharp looking car, but you want it to drive safe and perform like it should. 

Here we have a 1963 Buick Riviera. It still has the Original Wildcat 445 Nailhead engine, Its tired and time for a rebuild.

The Original engine will pulled out and rebuilt. They just don’t make them like this anymore. I’m sure trying to find this Original air cleaner would be pretty expensive.

Looking at the bottom you can see this car had it’s share of leaks. It’ll be nice to have all this cleaned up. The Original transmission will get replaced with a new 200. As you can see we started to pull apart the top end of the engine.

We made this look really quick, but it took a ton of work to get this engine loose. The Exhaust manifold bolts just continued to break off. It’s like the engine just wanted to stay put.

The 455 Nailhead is free, we pulled the engine and trans out as a unit. Then we unbolted the trans and torque converter. The various parts will get pulled off and the engine ready to get rebuilt.

The old trans will find another place to live. The shift pattern on this old car is pretty unique, if you have ever driven one you probably took a while to find reverse the first time…you know, P, R, N, D, L….right? Not, these old riviera’s were, P, N, D, L, R…I’m sure more than one person drove into the garage wall.

The Riviera needed a little Interior work, while it was waiting for the Engine to come back. The Driver and Passenger kick panels were really torn up, they were carpet and needed replaced. The New Panels were made from scratch, the old panels were water damaged.

The drivers seat stitching was coming apart, the choice was made to take it apart and re-sew the pleats. The rear seat had a button that needed to be repaired as well. The car looks whole again, the Interior is 50 yrs old and looks pretty good for its age.

The Nailhead Engine for the Riviera should be back pretty soon, we need to have the parts cleaned up and ready to go back together when the Engine is back. We will be lowering the cars stance by an inch before its done as well.


The door and trim seals need replaced while the Riviera is in the shop. It looks like a few of the seals were replaced at one time, but not done right. 

The right way to replace these seals, is to pull the panels and trim out of the car. The right picture shows the seal that the window rolls up into, the left shot, is all the parts that need to be taken off to remove the door panel.

The door panel is off, you can see the the seals are attached to the panels and trim and not the door. These old window felts are rusted and need to come off the right way.

The only way to get these felts off, is to remove the factory staples. It can’t be done unless you remove the panel and grind off the staples from the backside.

The Interior in the rear of the car had to be removed as well. You don’t want to ruin the panels trying to pry them out. Take the time and do it right!

Once the panels and chrome trim is out, you can start the process of replacing the seals and felts.

The passenger door seals are being more difficult. The window is blocking the screws needed to remove the seals and replace them. What you are looking at is a car that the door skins are removable…Very rare!

The back seating area and seals are all done, its a lot of work but its the right way to factory replace these seals. With the door skin removed, we can access the door seals and get them replaced the right way. Once the new seals are in place we can re-install the door skin.

The Engine is back from the builder, its been partly assembled to be installed. If you look closely, you can see the adapter between the engine and transmission. This allows the New Transmission to mate with this engine. We will see very soon how tight the installation will be.

The engine is a very tight fit! The transmission added about 7″ of overall length to the setup. The clearance between the firewall and the engine mounts is almost too tight! With a little patience, the setup fit in.

These pictures are hard to see whats happening, the transmission cross member will not work. We will have to fabricate a new cross member to get this trans bolted in. The shift linkage will be the next battle.

The 63 Riviera’s old cross member will not fit this new application. We have started to fabricate a new piece. This looks simple, but the frame had to have nuts welded in place to mount to. The cross member rubber mount had to be counter sunk into the new mount as well.

While the work under the car continues, the engine compartment is getting put back together, there’s a lot of parts to clean and bolt back together. The Nailhead Motor is very unique looking.

The next project for the 63 Buick is the lowering springs. The Originals will be removed and 2″ drop springs added to the front and back.

The front springs are a little more difficult to remove. You have to really know what your doing to safely remove a loaded coil spring. The pressure that these spring have require the engine to be in the car in order to remove them. Spring compressors help, but there’s not always room.

The front coil springs are in, this took a ton of work. Once all the front and rear springs are back in the car, we can lower the vehicle and check clearances and ride height.

Here’s a view of the rear springs, they were a little bit of work to get into place. The old hardware was really rusted in place.

The original linkage for the Riviera transmission won’t work for this New 200. In some cases you just can’t buy what you need, we will have to fabricate a new pivot point in order to make this New Transmission work.

This piece will be drilled and tapped to work with a linkage we had from a 69 El Camino. 

In for service is this beautiful 1935 Ford Coupe. This car is a real head turner but has a busted radiator, the car also is missing the rear fender struts.

The correct way to remove the radiator is to start off by removing the hood. The difference between working on a Hot Rod and regular car? Take your time and be very careful!! Don’t want to scratch those big fenders.

While fixing the radiator we came across this problem….Notice what’s wrong? This is a high performance engine, the last thing you want is a thrown belt! someone installed the alternator and didn’t seem to mind that the alignment was bad. It takes work to fix it, but at Prescott Hot Rods..we can’t let something like this go.

Our old friend the 38 is back for work on the brakes. After investigating the entire setup, we found that the brake master cylinder is not original, also its mounted in the wrong place. We have some work to do.

The brake setup on the 38 Ford is a pretty big job. The frame had to be drilled and a bigger hole made in order to mount the new brake pedal assembly. The New brake master cylinder will be mounted to the pedal assembly and new lines ran to get these brakes working again.

1979 Chevy Corvette, this car is in for a list of repairs. Window tint being removed, speed-o gears broken and lots of other things.

The engine is a nicely built 383, the Corvette looks to be a pretty nice ride and lots of fun. The speed-o gear inside the transmission is all worn out, the meshing gear has been pulled and looks to be worn as well.

The T-Tops on the corvette need to have the seals replaced. The passenger side top glass came loose while the car was being driven. The glass was fine, no idea how it didn’t shatter. The t-top came loose from the mount, it was only the glass that hit the road. We need to replace the seals, then re-glaze the glass back into the t-top mount.

Here’s another few shots of the seals being removed. This is a very time consuming task, because this is glass that it is glued to, there is no short cut to getting the old seal and glue removed.

The seat belts are pretty worn out, the Owner has asked us to remove the belts and sew up some new ones. The gauge you are looking at is a New Speedometer, this new one is a high tech GPS unit. No more worn speed-o gears for this Vette.


The Corvette has a pretty broken dash board. There are a couple things that can be done. First you can purchase a whole new dash…Lots of money and a ton of work to install, or you can purchase a dash cover or topper. These dash covers have gotten really good over time. We will prep the old dash and install one.



We made this look pretty easy, but the truth is, it took work. Most of the dash gauges and panels had to be removed to install the new dash insert. The results speak for themselves.

The 1946 Willy’s Jeep is back for more work. The Owner would like to enjoy it for years to come, so we will be pulling the motor out and replacing it with a rebuilt one.

There are plenty of shops that can pull an engine and replace it, but Hot Rod Owners with this kind of vehicle don’t let just anyone work on there pride and joy! Working on Hot Rods that are finished, take care and precision. 

The engine needs to come out, only way is to take everything off of it and then remove it. This takes time, but we will make it look like it does on t.v.

Ok, so everything has been removed and the engine is ready to pull out. Told you we work fast. These things take time, no matter how fast t.v. makes these things look, someone had to do all the work to get things ready.

This little flathead 4 cylinder is a pretty small engine, but it’s still pretty heavy. The engine compartment will be re-detailed and cleaned up before the rebuilt engine can go back in. It’ll be interesting to see how this little work horse looks inside.

The engine came back from the builder, it was given a good coat of orange and black paint, just in time for Halloween. We will double team this one and get it back together. We have a pretty good start, we didn’t bother to take any pictures until after we installed the engine.

The engine is almost 100% back together, the radiator and a few external parts still need to be mounted. New plugs, Oil with ZDDP Aditive and Radiator Fluid will be added next.

This 1955 Ford F100 came to us for some service and repair. The truck was over heating when the New Service Customer pulled into the lot. 

If you look close, you can see rusty water, and Anti freeze all over the engine. The Original radiator split a seam while over heating. This truck has been upgraded with A/C so to keep it cool its a good idea to upgrade the cooling system as well.

This 1969 Mustang Fastback came to us for a few bugs to be worked out. The steering is pretty sloppy, change the rake, brakes, lights, mirrors and a few other odds and ends.

We started working on the Mustang right where it sits, we are seriously starting to get pretty packed in. The first thing is the steering, There seems to be a lot of sloppy play that makes the car hard to drive.

Once we started looking around, we found the play was mostly in the steering rack. It looks fairly new, but you just don’t know whats needed until you start to really inspect things. The ride height will be adjusted while we have the car up in the air.

The majority of the steering play seems to be in the steering rack, we will need to take it apart and adjust it, or rebuild the ball stud slide.

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