Supercharged LT4, 6.2L ZO6 Motor

Supercharged Power from the C7 Corvette ZO6!! This Supercharged LT4 is being installed in a 1972 SS Chevelle project car. The 72 Chevelle going into high build. The Supercharged LT4 6.2L SC is the most powerful engine ever offered in a

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Dodge Coronet 1957

Here we have a 1957 Dodge Coronet. This was brought to us for body and Paint. The car is in great shape, we see no evidence of rust to be repaired. These cars were very cool, the first thing you look

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Chrysler Airstream 1936


Chevy Chevelle 1972

1972 Chevelle SS needing a full restoration.

Dodge Demon 1971

Here’s a 1971 Dodge Demon, this car already looks very cool, but the Owner’s have decided it’s time for a partial restoration.   The Demon has some evidence of rust, there are rust bubbles down low in the usual spots. The

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Chevy Sedan 1955

This 1955 Chevy 2dr came to us un-finished. The Owner wants to get this car put back together. Prescott Hot Rods see this all the time. There’s a pretty good pile of parts set around the car, we will take an

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International Harvester 1953 (2)

  We have an Exciting New Build, this 53 International came to us from out of State. This is almost the same truck as our other International.  The Harvester is all Original and pretty clean, the difference between this truck, and

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Mustang Mach-1 1969

Here’s the latest build coming into the Hot Rod Shop. This is a restoration that will start with the drive train. This 69 Mustang is in Original condition, starting with a car that has most of the Original equipment is always

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Bel Air 1963

Here’s a very cool looking 63 Chevy Bel Air. This car looks great from a distance, but it needs some rust repair. There are some bubbles under the paint that are pretty bad in some areas. The 63 will be getting

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Chevy Sedan Delivery 1950 / Click here to see the project

The Chevy Sedan Delivery has come to us for some fitting work on the doors and just some general fit and finish. This rear door is pretty rough, it will require just about starting over. With the door removed, you can

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