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 Here’s a 1946 Willy’s CJ2A. This one came to us from Cave Creek Az.  The Willy’s will be getting a new body tub, this old one has lots of rust on the bottom side. It looks to be a pretty complete drive train, i’ll show some detailed pictures as soon we start to pull this one apart.

Here’s a picture of this project before we start pulling it apart.

This Jeep looks to be in pretty good shape, pulling it apart is the only way to restore this Jeep to close original condition.

The window and frame are now gone, the hood is off. After removing the front fenders we can start to see how solid the frame is. There are a few cracks, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

There was a lot of work that took place between photos, you can see that now all the wiring and gauges have been removed. The next step in the process is to find all the mounting point for the body, remove all the hardware that holds the tub in place.

The body is coming off! this was harder than it looks, there where a few spots where someone welded the body directly to the frame. It’s tricky getting a cutter or torch into some tight spots. But, the body is now off and we can get a good look at the chassis.

This frame will need some work, we already see some weak points and cracking on the frame. The body as you can tell has seen better days, this thing has lots of rust and many patch panels. The New Body Tub will be a wise investment for this project. 

The Willy’s drive train is now ready to clean up and repair.

Here’s a better shot of the engine, you can see we already pulled the exhaust manifold apart. 

These are the kinds of things you sometimes find. The exhaust manifold had been broken for a long time, this will be replaced with a new part.

The frame has been pressure washed, cleaned and repaired. There were some serious cracks in the frame from the years of stress. These had to be welded. The frame is about ready for a few coats of black frame paint. The difference will be amazing.

Guess what just showed up!! It’s the Body Tub for the Willy’s project! These are the times you feel like a kid at Christmas! This looks great, it will require some bodywork to smooth some areas out, but almost all body panels always do. The Tub will get a really good Rino coating to the bottom and inside to prevent it from ever rusting.


Here is the frame all painted, the details still need to be gone over, but the drive train is starting to look really good.

The body tub is new, but still could use a little bodywork to look nicer. let’s get it started and see how straight the body really is.

Here you can see the imperfections in the body tub. The dark spots indicate an area that is lower than the surrounding area. most of these will need to be worked until the body is smooth and flat.

The liteweight body filler has been applied and sanded several times. The areas you see look large, but they are pretty thin. It doesn’t take much to get an area flat and smooth. This tub is almost ready for a coat of primmer sealer.

The primmer sealer is all applied. The body tub is getting closer to being ready for paint. The next stage is to sand down the primmer and fix any minor imperfections you may see before paint.

The body is now getting a final sand, looking for any small imperfections before the paint stage. It sure helps to be able to flip the body around and get the work right in front of you.

The drive train is coming along great! even something that looks as simple as this, still have many parts and pieces that need attention. Seals also need to be gone thru, trying to stop any leaks.

The drive train looks finished, but there’s still a ways to go. The engine still needs to be finished while theres  access to everything. The body won’t go back on until it’s completely ready and painted. 


The carburetor is usually the last thing people want to mess with. This one from the Willys will get a complete rebuild. 



Some of these small carbs can be pretty tricky to rebuild successfully, so many little parts that have to be adjusted just right.




The hood for the jeep is being prepped for the body and paint. The paint on this jeep is flaking off, this can be a serious problem for the next guy. we have to strip off all the green paint and get it down to a usable base. This will prevent our paint job from lifting.


The gas tank for the Willys is all done and ready. The outside of the tank has been coated with a rhino type lining. new sending unit and cap and its all done.

Your looking at the fenders for the Jeep Willys. the paint has to be stripped as well. there are lots of abuse and cracks in the steel. these will have to be welded and reinforced. The underside of these fenders will also get the rhino lining.


Your looking at the main mounting post for the fender, this part has been weakened by years of wear. This looks serious, but can be fixed. 

The fenders will of course need some bodywork before they are ready to be painted. they looked pretty rough, but when complete, you won’t find a nicer pair. Not even new!


Next up.. The tail gate! These old tail gates are a lot of fun to rework. For the most part, the skin (flat parts of the steel) has been stretched out of shape and need lots of work to get them to look good. Original equipment is almost always better than the new stamped steel.

The motor is pretty much complete, the wiring will get started after the body is dropped on.

The tailgate is being worked on, it had to be stripped, heated, hammered and straightened. Keeping the original tailgate is a good idea if it can be fixed. The new after market pieces never look as good.

The Willys Jeep restoration is coming along great. The body is all taped off and the tub floor and the bottom side are about to be Rhino lined. The owner won’t have to worry about ever replacing this tub again. The chances of this tub rusting out again are almost impossible.

The Rhino linning is done, its hard to see because of the color, but it has a heavy texture. The next step in this procedure is to final sand the body and mask off the new Rhino coating. Then the body will be ready for paint.

The Willys body tub is now all prepped, taped off and ready for paint. The body will have a nice clear coat over the paint when finished. The Rhino coating will stay the low gloss or a satin finish.


Once this Classic Restoration is complete, this will be one eye catching ride. The body will have to cure for a while before is gets color sanded.

The 46 Willys body is all painted! The body will have a time to cure, then the paint will be color sanded and buffed to a high polish.

Here you see the Willys body tub all polished out and ready to be installed onto the chassis. This will be the best looking Willys Jeep in Arizona.

It’s time! The body is going back onto the chassis. This will take slow and steady work, to make sure we don’t scratch up this beautiful paint job. Taking our time here to line up and drill new body mounting holes. 

The trickiest part to installing this body tub, the steering column. It has to be brought threw the front firewall and threaded like a needle. This body tub looks pretty light, but it still weights almost 400 lbs.

The body tub is all mounted to the Willys chassis. The body bushings are all in place and the holes have been drilled. The body is now in place and mounted solid to the chassis. 

The Willys project is coming right along. It may look the same, but if you look close.. its all in the details! Next up is the wiring harness, the harness will be rebuilt one wire at a time.


These little Willys Jeeps don’t look like many parts, but once you take them all apart.. there are many pieces that make this truck work. Prescott Hot Rods has always focused on the details. This is what sets us apart from other hot rod builders.

Looking pretty sharp! This Jeep will be like brand new when complete, the details always make all the difference. Every time you stop for gas, be ready to answer lots of questions. Anytime you have a vehicle that has been restored and looks brand new, it just attracts attention.

The 46cj is coming alone real fast. This was going to be a restore, its starting to look more like a show vehicle. The attention to detail is what sets us apart from the other builders. Its always been our goal to give our clients more than they imagined.

The wheels looked good, but they needed to look as good as the rest of the Jeep. This project really is turning out to be a real head turner, every time you fill up with gas in this Cj2a your gonna get loads of compliments.

The front end pieces are starting to get refurbished, there’s still plenty of work to be done to the front end pieces before we can paint them. 


This is the front windshield, as you can tell its pretty intricate. This piece will have to be taken apart piece by piece. The glass will be taken out of the frame as well to do the job right.

All of the painted pieces on the jeep had to be stripped by hand. The last paint job that was applied was done incorrectly, the paint flakes off very easily  because the primmer base was not sanded and prepped correctly.

The old hinge was pretty bad and broken, this new piece is a complete replacement. The old hinge has to be cut out and the new on fitted and welded into place.

The New hinge is all welded into place, it was a little bit of work but will function much better.    


The parts for the front end are almost ready for paint. These are freshly painted with the last coat of primer and need to cure before wet sanding.                  

The backside of the Jeep Willy’s parts have been coated with Rhino lining to prevent rust. The good quality Rhino coatings can be tinted to match the color of the vehicle.

The paint process is now complete for this Will’s Jeep. After the parts are dry and have time to cure, they will be color sanded and buffed to a shine.

The back of the grill was painted black for reflection purposes, the hood seal is new and has been installed. These parts are almost ready for assembly.

The parts look brand new, even thou most of these have been reconditioned. The tailgate was in very rough shape, there are hours and hours of sanding, the tailgate had many large dents and stretching. The tailgate was heated in areas to try to shrink the metal.

The Jeep is almost finished. The front end assembly is next, the hood, fenders and front grill are being buffed out before they can be assembled. 

The front fenders and core support are now bolted in. This is shaping up to be a very nice Willy’s Jeep.

The front end is just about complete, the paint has been color sanded and buffed out. The Chassis will need to be cleaned and detailed after all the paint is buffed out.

This is the windshield for the Jeep, It has been color sanded and all buffed out.  Next up is the assembly of the various parts to make this windshield work.

Wow! This is such a cool Jeep. The 1946 Willy’s Jeep is 100% complete, ok except the Interior Upholstery. This jeep looks so good, the Owner has decided to finish strong and Re-Upholster the Seats.

The contrast between the Green paint, Black Chassis and Yellow wheels is a perfect combination. The New seat Upholstery will sharpen things up that much more.

Here’s a couple front shots, the color out in the sun is very cool. This is so much better than it was new. The Rhino lining will prevent the vehicle from rusting, which was a huge problem on these vehicles.

It may not be a hot rod, but it was just as much fun to build. This Willy’s is going to be a real head turner, stopping for gas is always going to take longer than  you’ll expect. 

Here’s the Customer looking over the finished project. Really happy with the results, and now its time for the test drive.

Theres the finished project, this Willys Jeep Restoration was a real blast. It may not be a Hot Rod… but it sure was fun. Look for this one at the D.I.C.E. Alliance car show April 27 where it will be getting delivered to the Customer.






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  1. Steve Maxwell says:

    To repeat an old phrase…It looks good from far, but it’s far from good. I’m excited to see the progress.

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