Toyota Mini Monster Truck


This is going to be a very cool project!! This little 4×4 has been waiting to be finished for a long time, the Candy Apple paint job is very bright! This truck was started years ago and then went into storage, we will show details of these parts that money can no longer buy.

The Toyota has too many features to list, we will go over some of the details as we start to finish this Cool project! Who says work can’t be fun?? Monday’s are a lot easier when you get to play for a living!

The Toyota Mini Truck is getting some of the details finished. The front tires will be installed after the suspension gets installed. The bed on the Monster Truck is a tilt, the old school hydraulics have been sitting for years, we will have to go threw them and see what my be frozen.

Here’s a shot of the engine compartment, the original 22r motor is pretty stock. There’s a new carburetor that was installed, the fuel line sticking up in the air has some kind of regulator installed. This is an Air regulator, not fuel! we will remove this and fix the fuel leaks.

This is old school, so the duel chrome shocks are something you just don’t see anymore. The hardware for these components aren’t available anymore, we hope all the parts are still in the boxes.  

The tires on the Toyota Monster Truck are 33″ Dick Cepek Fun Country’s, these are no longer available. To be able to safely handle the oversize tires, you need to have a heavy duty steering stabilizer setup. If you hit a curb or rock without these installed, the steering wheel would be ripped out of our hands.

Here’s a view of the chassis under the bed, the old school hydraulics are rusted, but they may still operate. The pump will have to be inspected, it has been dry for a long time.

The inside of the pump is really rusted, we will take it apart further and try to free up the internal parts. The seals will have to be replaced as well.

The rust removal was a success, the motor now turns freely. Finding parts to complete the installation may be a little difficult, most of these were purchased in the early 90″s.

The fuel tank filler nozzle was originally mounted to the toyota bed, with the tilt bed we will have to make the nozzle shorter and support itself.

We cut down the filler neck, polished it out and made a new mount. Now the bed can open and close without worrying about damaging the filler neck.

There’s some clean up work to be done on the 86 Toyota, this shot of the power antenna show how things were left. The wires were just pushed up behind the cover and never hooked up. The photo on the right shows how it should look after all the wires are ran to where they go.

These pictures are of the old school dual shock setup for the rear of the truck. These chrome shocks and mounts looks really cool. Just looking at the detail takes you back to when monster truck setups were fun to look at. 

The Hydraulic system for the dump bed still needed to be completed. The parts were tracked down and the entire assembly is being gone threw. This was such a cool feature back in the day!

The cool feature to have back in the day, was a tilt bed! It was something fun and different. There are a lot of things to consider, getting it to tilt and not hit the cab, wiring, fuel filler neck and more. 

The idea of a tilt bed, was to be able to show off all the work done under the bed, chrome shocks, paint and just the details. You never see this feature anymore, so this will be fun to play with!

The old school trucks had what was called Nerf Bars installed, today we have electric steps that drop in place. These old school chrome bars still look pretty cool!

The Interior of the Toyota will have to be hand made, the roof has a section cut out, for a targa top. The smoked glass top will go in last. We need to finish the inside by building panels that will get covered and look like it was always this way. some planning and engineering will need to be done.

The stock seat is out of the Toyota Mini, we need to start building the interior pieces to get an idea of the final design. So the cab is empty out of the stock pieces.

We will build new panels from scratch, the picture on the right has a panel for speaker. This panel was built a while back, we will try to incorporate this into the new design.

It takes time to build all new panels from scratch, the panels will need to be trimmed to fit and then a design drawn out. The small 1/2 cab still needs to be installed before we get too carried away. The interior is starting to look like something again.

The targa top roof rails need to be bonded to the truck, this gives the truck a much cleaner look and holds together better than screws.

Inside the cab we need to start getting the carpet pad installed and run the wires for the audio system. This truck is getting a half cab on the back, this is why you don’t see any back window in the truck.

The back wall is done, so we can carpet it over top of the padding and be ready when the half top or shell comes in. The audio wires will get run along the frame rails, past the pivot point and back into the half shell.

The 86 Toyota has lots of plastic pieces that make up the dash, we need to blast these pieces and color die them. Someone has sprayed them red, so we will get them cleaned up and go with a color closer to the new vinyl colors.

The inside is tapped off and cleaned, we need to color die all the pieces that are remaining. We want the interior plastic to look like it has always been this color.

Inside the Toyota Mini Truck the color change on the dash is complete. It looks great! Once the doors are done it will start to look completed. The two tone dash will give the interior some much needed contrast.

We need to get the wiring installed, so that we can finish the center console area. The rear panels are done and installed, the next project will be all the wiring and finish the door panels.

We still need to make some New Visors for the 86 Toyota P/U. Looking at the stock visors, we see how worn out they are. We cut them open to get the wire frames exposed. These look like trash, but we can use these as a base to get started.

The 1986 Toyota Mini needs to get wired and have the carpet installed. They don’t really make any nice carpet kits for these trucks, so we will have to custom fit a new piece.

Starting with a large piece of carpet, we need to do some basic trimming to get this big piece of carpet in place. We also need to run some serious speaker wires for the door speakers. Hiding all this wire on both sides will be fun.

The speaker and RCA wires need to be run threw the frame to the back of the truck. Getting this much wire threw the frame clean has been fun. we still need a power cable from the battery as well.

The carpet is finished, this is one piece like they did back when these trucks were so popular. We will make some custom floor mats to finish it off. The speaker wires need to be run threw the A-pillars to the door speakers, doing so with this much wire and keeping them from damage will be the trick.

The Sun Visors for the 86 Toyota need to be hand made, the old one were pretty much junk and had to be thrown out. Giving away some information about how these are made, we start with a pattern drawn by hand. Once we have our visors cut its time to cover them.



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