Mustang Mach-1 1969

Here’s the latest build coming into the Hot Rod Shop. This is a restoration that will start with the drive train. This 69 Mustang is in Original condition, starting with a car that has most of the Original equipment is always a plus.

The 69 Mach-1 will be a great build. The drive train is up first, the engine and trans will come out and be gone over. We need to determine where any leaks were coming from. The engine is fresh and doesn’t need to be re-built.

We started to disassemble the accessories that needed to come off in order to pull out this engine. We make removing an engine pretty quick, but it still takes time. This is a Big Block, so it is a very tight fit.

We decided to remove the engine and trans at the same time, they both need to be degreased. The engine and trans will get degreased after we investigate any possible leaks. We will be replacing most gaskets during this build.

The engine is out, we will need to degrease the engine compartment and remove the steering rack. This Mach-1 will be getting an upgrade to the steering, an after market steering rack is on its way.

The Mach-1 is getting the wiring pulled out. An all New harness is getting installed, so the old one is being pulled out. We may as well take the front end apart, it will need to come apart during the paint process anyhow.

The exterior trim is getting taken apart while we remove the wiring from the rear section of the car. The interior and dash will need to come apart to finish removing the wires. 

The Mach-1 Mustang had a big block 390 pulled out of it. This Engine is really fresh, it only has about 1000 miles on it so far. We need to clean it up and take care of leaks.

While trying to take the drive train apart we came across a problem, the torque converter has studs with lock nuts. The problem is that the lock nuts are stripped out. We needed to get the nuts loose in order to separate the engine and transmission.

The engine has been un-bolted from the transmission, some of the exterior components have been taken off as well. Most of the gasket seals are leaking, we will take things apart in order to fix all the leaks.

The parts have been degreased, the transmission will get a new filter and pan gasket. The engine will get most of the gaskets replaced as well.

The 390 Big Block is being taken down, we need to replace most all the gaskets. The intake has been removed, it has some blue paint that needs to be removed. The finished Manifold looks so much better, the factory Aluminum finish looks great.

The gasket surfaces need to be cleaned and ready for new ones. If you know anything about this year of 390, the intake is a little complex. The entire rocker assembly must be removed with the intake.

All the parts have been cleaned up and are being re-assembled, the engine has a new paint job and already looks so much better! This Big Block is going to look Awesome in this Mach-1.

The 390 Engine for the Mach-1 is all finished and ready to go back in, the Transmission needs to have the gaskets, seals and filter changed before it will be ready.

The tranny was cleaned up and the filter replaced, all the surfaces are cleaned and the painted cover can be put back on.

The engine compartment needs to be cleaned up and ready for the painted engine. The first order of business is to remove the wiring harness and the old steering rack.

The steering rack took some time to remove, the old parts were pretty tight. This is a shot of the old rack on the right, It almost looks like an Alien or something. We will be installing a whole new steering setup for this ride.

The old rack and steering box are being replaced with a New unit, the column will be replaced as well. You can see where the old unit used to mount below the power brake booster.

Here is a mock up of the New Steering Rack, this unit is very well made. The appearance is going to look so much better. This will also class up the whole engine compartment.

The old wiring harness has been removed, there will be a complete new wiring harness installed before this car is done. The engine compartment is getting cleaned up and ready for a new coat of paint. There were a few areas that needed a little bodywork before paint.

The job needs to be done right, so the A-arms, brakes, spindals and spring setups need to come out. You never want to restore a car and skip the ball joints and bushings!! They’er not easy, but its all about doing the job right!

The Wheel well areas have been taken all apart. Its a huge dirty job, but its got to be done. These areas will get cleaned up and under coated before things are put back together.

There’s a pile of parts that needed to come out to detail the engine compartment, the passenger side brake, bushings, torsion bar and spring have also come apart. The brakes look new, so we will clean things up, check the bearings and reassemble the parts.

The bodywork in the engine compartment is pretty much done, we will clean this area up and get it ready for a new coat of paint.

The paint is almost done, the Low gloss paint looks great! This is what it would have looked like from the factory, although this is much cleaner and smoother. The brake booster will get detailed before we start to mount any new parts.

The pieces to the front end need to be degreased, pressure washed, scrubbed clean and then sand blasted before they can be painted and re-assembled. The bushings need to be pressed out and all new ones put it place. 

Once the suspension pieces for the Mustang Mach-1 front end are painted and have all the new bushings and ball joints in place, they can start to be mounted back on the car.

The front end will be all new, have an Upgraded steering rack and steering column when completed. The alignment will be done once the car is completed. We will measure and get things as close as possible so the car will be driven onto the alignment rack.

Before the engine can be installed into the 69 Mach-1, we need to replace the factory wiring harness with a new Painless Harness. Removing all the original wiring is a huge task, we don’t want to break anything. These old cars are pretty brittle. All of the old wiring must be pulled out to make room for the new harness.

   The rear end of the Mach-1 needs to be gone threw and cleaned up. The rear seals look to be in great shape and are not leaking, the brakes were taken apart and look brand new. We will clean things up and paint the rear end.

We need to scrape and clean all the old undercoating off and get it ready to be sealed. The fuel tank is new, there will be a new high volume external fuel pump installed by the tank.

The picture on the left shows the Original wiring harness, all the wiring has been removed from the car. We will install a brand new Painless harness, you get what you pay for when it comes to a wiring harness. This kit says it has everything to replace the original wiring.

Now that the old wiring has been removed, the new wiring started, its time to remove the rest of the interior, carpet and padding. We need to see what kind of shape the floors are in, from under the car things look pretty good.

Once the Original wiring has been removed, you need to locate the new wiring harness, install a bulkhead connector and mount the fuse panel. This wiring harness hole will have a heavy rubber grommet installed once all the wires are in place.

You can see that the fuse panel is mounted, engine compartment wiring ran forward and things are starting to fall in place.

There are a selection of tools needed to do the job right, you always want the wires protected from metal edges, there are a variety of plastic and cloth harness covers available. Spend the money to protect all your wires.

The rest of the interior has been removed, the floors look rusty, but are in pretty good shape. The drivers side floor pan is in the worse shape, it is rusted all the way threw in several areas and will need replaced.

The Owner has decided to replace the heater core while we have the interior apart, always a very good investment. There’s nothing worse than having a heater core failure once the car is finished. The amount of work required to replace the unit is substantial! In this particular Mustang, the whole dash needs to be dropped out to remove the air box.

Getting the air box out of the Mustang was a pretty big task, once out we need to open the case and remove the old heater core.

You can get the heater core repaired or cleaned out, but the cost of a new one is usually less. The amount of work to get the old core out and a new one installed is a lot, but the piece of mind knowing that it won’t leak all over your new carpet makes it worth it.

The air box for the Mach-1 has been rebuilt, the New Heater Core has been installed and the unit is back in place. Working on the air box was a pretty good size task, there’s just no way to pull it out without taking the dash out first. You can see the dash is all bolted back in as well.

The steering had to be finished before we could drop the Big Block back in. The steering rack is designed to fit this car, but you never know what kind of clearance issues you may have. 

The Big Block is ready to go back in, all the little things like wiring and steering had to be done before this huge motor is set back in. This engine just barely fits between the spring towers.

The rear end is starting to get paint and all cleaned up, the fuel sending unit and fuel pump have been upgraded for the New Throttle Body Fuel Injection System. The big 390 will be getting plenty of fuel after this upgrade is complete.

The steering in the Mustang was upgraded to a power rack, things are a very tight fit with the big Ford 390 above it. The exhaust manifold on the drivers side is going to be close. The bottom of the engine compartment looks as clean as the top!

The drivers side floor of the 69 Mustang is rusted all the way threw. We will have to cut out all the rusted areas and see what part of the flooring is left. We have a new floor panel to replace the majority of the rust.

After cutting out the rust, you can see how much solid steel is remaining. The main floor supports look good, this is the most important part. The Mustang has a uni-body style construction, making sure the body is solid before replacing the floor panel is important.

Fast forwarding ahead, the new floor panel has been welded in place and the welds smoothed out. The panel has been sealed to prevent water getting in. 

The next step for the 69 Mach-1 is to undercoat the flooring. The Owner wants the floor sealed and sound proofed. Masking off everything that you don’t want permanently coated is important, removing over-spray is very difficult!

The floor has been coated and allowed to dry. The floor is now solid and better than new. Before carpet is installed, we will lay down insulating pad to further deaden sound.

The engine compartment of the 1969 Mustang Mach-1 is starting to get the New Fuel Injection installed. The wiring is extensive, we still want the engine compartment to look close to stock. Hiding this much wiring will be tricky.

The computer really needed to be inside the Mustang. Now we can hide some of the wires that make up the fuel injection system. There’s still plenty of wires to deal with in the engine compartment. The components can be mounted and wires ran next.

The 69 Mach1 has is starting to look much better, the wires are being run to the connection areas and the Owner has decided to spend the money and run all the wires in professional wire loom material. It is worth the extra money! the job is much better looking and that new wiring harness is now protected from heat!

The inside has lots of wiring that needs to be ran, then we can clean it up as we connect everything. You never want to cut any wires until everything is checked for fit, nothing worse than have some short wires on a New Harness. You always want to take your time when it comes to installing a new harness.

The engine compartment is very full, but we still need to install all the lines that are needed to hook up the A/C system. The 69 Mach1 has some custom features, like the power rack and the Custom Fuel Injection System. The engine compartment is almost finished.

Even with all these lines, there are no emissions on this car. The 1969 Mustang Mach1 is getting very close to running. We have gauges hooked up to the A/C System to evacuate all the air out off the system. We will see if we can hold what’s called a vacuum for a few days, it will let us know if the system is ready to be charged up.

The exhaust for the Mach1 is complete, it’s 2 1/2″ and sounds Awesome. This 69 Mustang is going to be a real pleasure to drive.

The 69 Mach1 is ready to have some rust repair done. It looks pretty basic, but you never know just how bad something is, until you get below the surface. These rust bubbles always mean sheet metal replacement.

The sheet metal that was rusted away was cut out, you can see there was much more than it looked like. After getting rid of the rust, we coat the area before the new pieces are welded into place. Weldable primer is always best for a job like this.



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