Ford Ranchero 1963

We have a Ford Ranchero that came to us from the Owner of the Mustang Pace Car. This car needs to have the paint stripped off, body work done and the Upholstery gone over. These little Ranchero’s are becoming harder to find, keep an eye on this one and watch the transformation.

The 63 Ranchero looks pretty good from a distance, but if you get close, you can see that the last paint job didn’t get good adhesion. The roof has some pretty big paint chips flaking off.

The Ranchero is in the shop and the trim is starting to come apart, we need to keep our eyes open for signs of rust. This car looks to be in decent shape, but if you look down the sides it doesn’t really have any smooth or straight areas.

The interior can be stripped out while we get the 63 Ranchero ready for paint and body. The door panels and headliner look home made, this year of headliner should have been made of ribs and bows. The new one will be an Original Style when this cars completed.

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