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The 69 Ford Mustang came to us for a Custom, Quality paint job. To get a really great paint job, it takes lots of bodywork. The prep work is what determines how well the paint job will look in the end.

The overall condition of this 1969 Ford Mustang is great! This is a great project car, the owners took there time and started with a rust free car. This can save you lots of labor hours in body repair.

Inspecting a car for a new client, is always about finding ways to save them money and meeting there budget needs. The Passenger door of the 69 Mustang is dented and creased pretty good, so what do you do? weight the difference of the cost of a new door verses labor hrs to repair, in this case its cheaper to buy a new door.

Here’s the passenger door removed. The new door looks to be great quality, bolting it on is one thing… then comes the alignment and assembly.

The door is bolted on, now it has to be aligned. This is something that takes patients and time. Now that its all done, the door can be assembled.

This is a shot of the old door, all the inside components will come out and get put into the new door. I know these things look fast, but all these steps take time to do them right.

The 69 Mustang has these cool side scoops, there really is a lot of detail to this car. The bodywork stage has begun, this is called the rough in stage. The entire body is gone over and any dents and dings are taken out.

When doing the bodywork, its best to start at the top and work up to body lines. Even cars that look straight need bodywork, you could spent hundreds of hours even when a car looks pretty good. The quality of the body work determines how well it will look in paint.

looking at the rear quarter panels you can see how different the bodywork is, both of these panels looked and felt pretty good, but as you can see there was still some imperfections.

The quarter panels had some old Bondo, we ground down the old Bondo and started to add new Body Filler. It looked like they added more than was really necessary, applying filler is an art.  

The roof on the 69 Mustang looked really good, but with further inspection there was old Bondo that was cracked. The metal has to be pulled as flat as possible before applying the Body Filler, then keep it very thin.

The mustang has some after market mirrors being installed, this means the existing holes wont work. The holes will be welded shut and new ones drilled.

While were in the process of filling holes, the lower rocker panel trim is being eliminated. These holes are being welded shut as well. The areas will be smoothed and get primed.

The holes are now welded shut and ground smooth, you still see a few holes. These holes are for electrical and one is for new alignment. The entire car will get a primmer sealer and a block sanding soon.

Bodywork on the Mustang has been a little more extensive than first expected. This car has been built right from the ground up, so a really great paint job is the only way to go. With permission from the Owner, we will show some of the quality work the Father and Son team has done.


The new door on the passenger side required a little bodywork as well. You would think that a brand new door would be perfect, most new sheet metal still require a little work to make them perfect.

The body parts that need paint had to be inspected for imperfections. Most required a little work, but now everything is ready for a High Build Primmer to be applied.

When painting a car, there are many parts to consider. All of these parts will require paint, you have to paint everything at the same time. Metallic colors must be applied carefully to get an even color.

The 69 Mustang is all tapped off and about ready to be sprayed. The High Build Primmer Sealer is very important. All the bodywork must be locked into place, thats the reason for the sealer. Painting these days is like being a Chemist.

Your looking at all the parts to be painted. There really is a lot of parts that need paint, all of the parts will cure before being sanded smooth.

The Mustang is now in Primmer, the next process for this car is nothing! Thats right, we need to set aside all these parts and the car. Everything must cure before the Block sanding can begin.

If you look close, the Mustang has a black paint sprayed over the top of the Primmer sealer. This is called a guide coat. When block sanding, it will show areas of high and low. Lets you know when its perfect.

This is what the hood of the Mustang looks like after block sanding, as you can see the hood will need to be block sanded after being primed one more time. Its not as bad as it looks, the hood is pretty flat at this point.

This is a look at the quarter panel area, its been blocked out and looks nice. The trunk lid shows a few spots that will smooth out when the next coat of primmer is applied.

The block sanding is done, the process is very time consuming but the added work is worth the results. A Great paint job is created in the  body shop! The car has now been completely wet sanded, up next is another coat of primmer.

The 69 Mustang has been final dry sanded, wet sanded and wet scuffed. The car will now have the last coat of primmer applied, the process afterwards is one final light grade wet sand.

The paint job on this 69 Mustang Restoration is nearing the actual paint stage, the last coat of primmer will be applied and the car will be allowed to cure before one final sand. The Mustang is tapped off and ready to shoot the primmer.

Primmer is applied to the Mustang and allowed to tack up, a number of coats will be sprayed to get an even finish. This 69 Mustang is going to look great in its new color, the extra time spent getting the car really straight will be well worth it.

All finished, this 69 Mustang has had its last coat of primmer  applied. The weather is great for letting the car cure, the solvents need to have time to bake out. This refers to letting the paint dry, the solvents allow the primmer to bond with the layers below it.

This is the stage thats called jambing the car. The process is to sand the door jamb, hood and trunk areas and get them ready to paint. These areas are difficult to get smooth for paint, the areas are even harder to apply the paint.

The areas to be painted will be the door jamb, inside of the door, underside of the hood, hood jamb areas, trunk underside and the trunk jamb areas. It takes a while to prep these areas for paint. Everything will have to get covered and taped off before we spray color.

The door jamb areas are ready for paint, they were sanded smooth and cleaned. The car gets taped off completely, front to back. The only areas left untapped are the ones getting this Amazing 2013 Deep Impact Blue! This is going to be the best looking 69 Mustang in Phoenix. 

Ok, Here it is! Wow, it looks so cool! This color really pops in the sunlight. The color was picked out by the Teenage Owner, he did a great job! This car is sure to turn heads everywhere he goes.

Here’s a shot of the engine compartment jambs. At night this color almost looks black. There is some really great pearls and candies going on in this color. The outside body will have this same color everywhere.

The trunk lid was removed to get perfect coverage. The underside of the hood was removed as well, this is a must for getting even color and great coverage.

The underside of the 69 Mustang hood is ready for paint. Looking at the finished paint you can see some pretty cool colors. The paint looks so good in direct sunlight, this car is getting closer and closer.


This stage of the paint process is complete! It’s getting closer to being finished, this 69 Mustang is a great project. It looks to be the best looking car at this kids High School. Remember, when driving a car that looks this nice…just Cruise…let everyone get a good look!

The 69 Mustang is getting a last wet sand done before its ready for paint. This is where you go over every inch and make sure its all ready for paint.

There are lots of parts that need painted at the same time. All of the parts above need to be final sanded , this means wet sanding all the pieces and getting everything ready to paint.

The 69 Mustang is ready to start spraying, all the pieces are almost ready as well. Everything needs to be sprayed at the same time to ensure a great color match.

Its the time we’ve been waiting for, time to start painting. A great paint job is only as good as the prep work up to this point. If you look back at all the step to this point, you can see why there is a big difference between a average paint job, and a Great paint job!

Here’s the base coat once all the coats are applied. Even without clear on it this color pops! Wow, this is gonna be awesome. The color is Deep Impact Blue 2013. It changes color depending on what angle you are seeing it from.

The parts came out perfect as well! The drying time is a couple hours to the touch, but it will take 90 days to completely cure. After about 24 hrs. of drying time, we will do a light color sand to let the pieces breath.

All the tape and paper is removed before it dries to the Mustang. Now that the painting process is over, all we can do is give it a little time to dry. I’m sure this is the only 1969 Mustang with a 2013 Deep Impact Blue paint job.

Awesome!!  Now the next stage is to color sand the Mustang and let it breath for a while. The curing process depends on the temperature, this is why big production shops have paint booths with heaters installed. Natural is better, I believe there is shrinkage that can be avoided letting the paint naturally cure.

The 1969 Mustang is dry enough to start color sanding. There is a very long process that takes place in order to get a million dollar finish. This car needs to be color sanded with various grits of sand paper.


To the un-trained, seeing a beautiful glossy paint job sanded down seems counter productive. The finish has to be sanded until it starts to shine again, then starts the buffing process. It takes time and patients to get a really great finish.


Ok, here’s a little teaser. This part was color sanded smooth and ready for assembly. If your a Mustang fan, you probably know what this is. The 69 Mustang looks amazing, the parts are all being buffed out and ready to be assembled on the car. We may just have this one done very soon!


The interior is going to be installed by the owner, for the most part. They have asked us to install the factory headliner for them. This is a picture of the Dynamat and factory insulation after being installed.


Here’s the finished headliner, sometimes its difficult to remember to take more photos. Maybe we will do a Headliner Install Video some time. The process is pretty teadious, it takes time and knowing how to pull it tight.


The back window was able to be installed after the headliner was completed. The front light buckets are polished out and ready to be installed, the Owner will complete the electrical, lights and side markers etc.


Here’s a shot of the 69 Mustang front light buckets being installed, these are a little tricky with fresh paint. The front grill area was painted a low gloss black, this area usually has chrome trim. The black is a different look, the owner may decide to keep this look. If not the factory pieces can be installed pretty easy.


Here’s a look with the car in the sun, these pictures just don’t capture what we are really seeing. The color is just Awesome!! This is a very cool ride! This is one lucky kid, word has it, He’s worked very hard and continues to work hard to earn this beautiful car.


This is the kind of excitement we are looking for…!! Wow, I didn’t expect that. He jumped for joy literally when he first saw his New Paint Job. Very Very excited. That’s why we work so hard, its all worth it to see someone’s dreams come true! He’s trying to take in all the Awesome colors you see in the full sun.


This is the hardest part of out job! We got to let them go… The Owner is loading the car on a trailer to take it back to Phoenix. We will try to post some follow up pictures of this one when the Owner finishes it. Enjoy it!!! You’ve earned it….




























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  1. Julie Stears says:

    Beautifully done! What a Gem of a shop you can really tell that you enjoy what you do! Hoping to see this Mustang very soon. Captain-Uncle John

  2. Carol Gardner says:

    I have seen this car painting in progress. The work is and has been very professional and thoughtful. Wonderful car- Blue-tiful color. Nana

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