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This 1954 Ford “Clarence” came to us from Prescott. The Owner wants the car to be a reliable daily driver and be able to enjoy driving it from Prescott to Phoenix problem free. It’s a great looking car, already have had folks walking in the shop and checking it out.

The interior was done a while back, but retro is in right now. This car has a great look. The drivers window is broken, it needs to be removed and a new glass cut. The interior door panel and door trim will be removed and the window replaced.

The 54 Crestline is getting a once over, we need to check everything out and find any maintenance that needs to be done. The rear brakes are inspected, they are is good shape, someone has kept up on basic maintenance. The rear tires are the wrong size, it was almost impossible to remove the tire.

The differential has a pretty good leak, the Pinion seal will need to be replaced. This is a little bit of work, the entire member will have to come out and taken apart to replace this seal. The shocks also are a problem, they’re the wrong ones. They don’t allow for proper travel, the spring position is stock, so we will need to put original equipment back in the car.

These pictures are a little difficult to understand. The one on the left is a shot of the oil dip stick, its not there… If you look next to the bolt on the exhaust, you can see what looks like a shiny bolt, its the oil dip stick tube. Its broken off and plugged up. You can’t check the oil without a dip stick. The picture on the right are transmission lines that are leaking everywhere, tight spot but should be an easy fix.

The front brakes look good too, there is evidence that the front end has been rebuilt. New disk brake setup, springs, upper and lower ball joints and some tie rod work. The A-arm bushings need to be replaced at some point, also the rear spring bushings. 

The picture on the left is of the fuel filter leaking while under pressure, its dripping on the headers! This is serious, its a fire waiting to happen. The carburetor will be changed and the top end setup for fuel injection. This will take care of the fuel filter and cracked fuel lines.

The Crestline has a pretty sloppy shift linkage. It’s an after market Lokar, so it should be tight and require a press of the shift button to operate. Right now it almost falls threw the gears. Finding drive and reverse is difficult and dangerous.

To gain access to the shifter, we had to pull back the carpet and pad. Also remove an access panel. Looking at the shifter the problem is obvious, the original bolts are missing. There are a few that are hidden and difficult to get to. Once the shifter is operating properly, the carpet will be put back down.

The drivers window had to come out and get replaced. The window felts or seals are all worn out, the rubber around the vent window is all hard and dried out. Now is a good time to replace them, lube up the window regulators and make the window seals like new. The second photo is the vent window all rebuilt.

The 54 Crestline is getting some pretty cool equipment upgrades. The car is being setup as a daily driver, driven to the Valley and back. The better choice is fuel injection! The old carb will be removed and a New Fuel Injection system installed. 

The carb has been removed, this top end is pretty dirty. We can clean this up and start to see what’s involved in the Fuel Injection System.

This is the New System we are installing. Very Cool! This will replace the old carburetor and make this Ford 302 perform much better. The company that sells this is FAST, Fuel Air Spark Technologies. The equipment has a great review, so now we can unpack the pieces and see whats involved.

Ok, the fuel injection kit looked pretty good, until we opened the second and third boxes…There is a lot of parts that make this a very good system. The entire fuel system has to be changed, room made in the engine compartment and a wiring harness that looks intimidating.

The 54 Ford had a pretty regular Edelbrock carb, removing and mounting the New Throttle Body was the easy part. Finding room to install all the wiring and make it look good was a pretty good task. This setup has a great customer rating.

The fuel system was completely changed. A fuel injection system requires specialty fuel pumps and all New High Pressure Fuel Lines and Clamps. The pump location was moved to get the correct fuel flow for this new setup.

Now that the fuel lines and pump are finished, we can mount the New Fuel Pressure Regulator and plumb the Throttle Body. We have a pretty good start on the system, but we still need to tackle the rest of the wiring and relays.

The heater core has a leak, we need to pull apart all the heater compartment and get the heater core repaired. We pressure tested the heater core and found a leak, this is the correct way to do things. Leaky anti-freeze would have ruined the carpet.

The inside heater box had to be pulled apart as well, the interior bolts hold part of the core into the box. The glove box was removed to access the heater box and screws. The heater core has been repaired and re-installed.

The wipers on the Crestline didn’t work, this is a common problem with these Vacuum operated original wipers. The vacuum motor on these are very precise and tend to dry out over time. We took the motor apart and rebuilt the inside vacuum port. Now it seems to operate correctly!

The radio was removed to get access to the Vacuum motor. I thought it would be cool to let you see what the old radios looked like. I wish i would have put something next to it to give you perspective of it’s actual size. Let’s just say it’s big and heavy!

The gas gauge in the 54 Ford wasn’t working, i tested the gauge with a New sending unit and it works fine. This is why we had to drop the gas tank and remove the sending unit. It looks pretty old, we will try to clean up the old unit and repair it, these units are rare and expensive.



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