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Here’s a new project in the shop. This 1940 Ford Coupe came to us from Mesa Az,  It’s a very cool project! The car has all the original parts and some aftermarket as well.

Looking under the hood you see the Flathead Motor. The Aluminum Heads are what catches your eyes first. The original 6V wiring will need some attention, the wiring will be gone thru to make it safe, but the system will stay a true 6V.

The first thing to be done is to inspect the car, the plugs are pulled and the compression in each cylinder will be checked. The it will be determined what needs to happen next to the flathead engine. When working with tight budgets, you always have to estimate the work needing to be done.


After checking all the cylinder pressures, the spark plugs will be cleaned and put back in. The inspection underneath the car is being done next, there seems to be plenty of little things that need addressed.

For being an older restoration, some things still look pretty good. It is surprisingly cleaner under the car than expected. It still has its share of leaks that will need to be addressed.

Its funny, the rear end is pretty clean. but looking at the spring, it still has grease and oil built up all over. Fuel lines with lots of splices and hoses clamps is never a good idea. fuel leaks cause car fires.


The underside of the 40 Ford is pretty dirty and full of oil. We will degrease the underside and give it a good pressure wash. The before and after’s are a little hard to tell.


This shot shows a little better, the transmission is full of oil. The after shot shows it drier, besides the water drying off.


The front end is caked pretty heavy with grease and oil, this may take a couple times to get it cleaned up. Once everything is clean and dry, we will paint the parts a low gloss black.


The 40 Ford needs work in the area of wiring. These wires are pulled over the frame and have been cut, they are shorting out the rear lights. There are loose wires hanging that need to be cleaned up for safety.


More loose wires, these need to be replaced and put in a harness. There are splices everywhere. under the black tape is exposed wires or splices.


This 40 Ford deserves to be put back into shape. here’s another example of too many splices, this is why things short out or stop working. The New wire loom hanging is full of brand new wires, I left it hang so you can see it. When attached properly, you really won’t even see it.


Here’s the New wire loom properly mounted and ran in the frame rail where it should be. Its much cleaner, but also not in an area where chafing can happen.

The 40 Ford has gotten lots of attention at the new shop, but its time to pull it apart and start on the serious Engine work. This bay is really for overflow, but as you can see, we are filling up!

The hood is removed and i also realized that the hood bolts are wrong. Some new ones may fix some of the hood problems. The table full of parts is a collection the Owner brought up with the car. We will be reinstalling the original Dual Carb setup and upgrading some other stuff.

The top end has been removed, next the old water pumps come off and new ones installed. Nice to have the right parts. Once the intake is installed we will pressure wash the whole engine compartment again.

The lower part of the engine and inner fenders have been scrubbed and are ready to be painted. The Aluminum Flat heads and Intake look really good.

The exhaust was pretty worn out, the old headers and pipe have been removed. This is a picture of the New Exhaust Headers, we will build the rest of the dual exhaust to match the original.

The Firewall doesn’t look too bad, but since we went to the work of making the engine compartment look good, we may as well repaint this part to finish it off.

The brakes need to be gone threw while its here. The front brakes on this 40 Ford are very simple! Ford, why did you ever change the design?? Easy to adjust, easy to change and they stop the car great! There is only one spring and no real parts. The brakes look pretty good, the passenger side looks to have a leak.

The firewall is old and dingy, we may as well spruce it up a bit while we have it. Once we remove everything off the firewall, we can prep it and tape things off. The paint can take place and we can start putting the engine compartment back together.

The firewall has been scrubbed down, tapped off and ready for paint. We did a color match from one of the fender skirts. The paint looks great, once its all dry we can remove the paper and get things cleaned up.

The rear brakes still needed to be pulled apart and checked, after brake cleaning them, they are clean and look good. there’s no need to rebuild these, they have plenty of shoe left.

The New Original radiator hoses have arrived, they are checked for fit and installed. These hoses are one of the items that gave these old flat heads so much character.

The oil pan leaks pretty good on the 40 Ford, we will drop the pan and and get new seals installed. The removal is tougher than it looks, the engine needs to be partially pulled to get clearance between the front crossmember and the front axle.

The engine is hooked to the engine hoist and lifted about 2″. This gives us enough room to remove the pan…Almost forgot, the front wish bone also needs to be disconnected to allow the pan to come out, the bump out for the starter won’t clear the wish bone. The pan is out, next to get everything cleaned up and a new gasket installed.

The engine was getting re-assembled when we had a problem, The generator mounts to the top of the drivers side flat head. While trying to remove the head bolts required, one snapped. The bolts in the head are very rusty, this is a huge problem with these flat head engines. We knew it was a possibility, we used penetrating pray on the bolts as we loosened them, but one bolt still managed to break. This means the entire head will have to be removed to fix the problem.

Progress on the firewall continues, this is a shot of the wall after we painted it. Now we are cleaning up the wiring and bolting everything back on. We will continue to work on fixing the broken stud while assembling the engine compartment.

The 40 Ford is a project that has taken time. While attempting to move the Generator to the new position, a head bolt broke. These old Flat Head engines are tough to work on, the head bolts pass threw the water jackets, which can make it very difficult to remove after years of use.

This is the drivers side with the head removed. We have to remove the broken head bolt before we can re-install the head with the new gasket. The oil pan is getting cleaned and ready for paint.

The starter while out needed some attention. These old Original pieces of equipment are better than replacements. The time needs to be taken to clean and repair Original Equipment to working condition.

The engine is back together, the head gasket was replaced and the new oil pan gasket was installed. The engine still needs the carburetors rebuilt and odds and ends completed.

The 40 Ford had this single carb on it when it arrived. The Owner wants the Duel Carb setup back together. The Carbs will be torn down and rebuilt before they go onto the Car.

The carburetors have been rebuilt and are ready to be put back on the car. These will give this 40 a really classic look.

The 40 Ford has the Duel Carbs, oil fill tube (without fuel pump) and the Oil Canister filter installed. The generator had to be moved to a location designed for the Duel Carb setup. Things are moving along, next is all the fuel lines, linkages, Electric Fuel Pump and wiring.

The Steps of the 40 Ford are off and need to be redone. The old rubber may have protected the rockers from being completely rusted away.

Removal of the old rubber is a huge chore, the rubber has turned brittle and is in little pieces. It had to be chipped off a piece at a time and then sanded to remove any film or rust. Next step is to prep for the new rubber.

The engine compartment is almost all together, we need to wire a few things and bolt on a few last accessories. The engine is about ready to go, we need to get the new exhaust all plumbed before we can drive the car.

We forgot to show the pictures of the New step plate covers. The old ones took lots of work to get the dried out rubber off, it had turned to hard plastic. The New Rubber Step plate covers are great looking soft rubber, just like the factory ones when new.

The New Tires for the 40 Ford came in during the Holiday break, the blue you see on the white walls is a protective coating. The rims are being scuffed up for some New Red Paint.

The tires look great, they are almost a perfect match to what was on here. The big white wall has that period correct look. This car is always going to turn heads.

The hood is finally back on the 40 Ford. We are still waiting on parts for the hood latch, someone took most of the parts off modified the original parts.

The hood hinge is missing from this 40 Ford, the latch has been altered and is missing parts. We will have to find a new hood latch or the parts required to fix it.

Here is the missing latch, we found this very rare piece on ebay and will adapt it to the original hood mount.

The plate where the hood closes against is made out of stainless steel. We will alter this piece so the original latch will close against this section and hold down safely. You can see the new hood latch in place and securely mounted.

The 40 Ford has a few areas that need bodywork, the owner wants these fixed, but not go to the trouble of a complete paint job. We will fix the damaged areas and try to blend the new paint, so that the vehicle looks much better than it does.

The dents are pulled and plastic filler applied. The fenders are sanded smooth and ready for primmer.

Once the primmer is dry, the fenders will be wet sanded and readied for paint. 

The fenders are wet sanded and allowed to dry. Once the fenders are cleaned and prepped, the paint process will begin.

The paint repair on the 40 Ford is all done, the single stage will be given time to cure and then a light sand and buff.

We thought the 40 Ford was about ready to leave, while driving it we noticed water coming out the exhaust. If its just a little, it may be condensation. In this case it was a pretty good amount, we were afraid it may be cylinder heads leaking.

After a good inspection, we decided that the heads were leaking. This is a common problem with the flat heads. We took the heads and checked them for flatness, we found the heads to be warped. We had to have them machined, we took off more than 20 thousands to get these heads flat again.

The 40 Ford is all finished and ready to go home! This has been a very popular car around the shop. Anytime this car was outside it drew on-lookers. Where sure gonna miss this car around the shop!!

The 1940 Ford is loaded and ready to go, this car looks great! The white walls and chrome trim rings really set this car off! The Owner loves the car, this car will be lots of fun at the Saturday Night Cruise Inns!















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