Dodge Demon 1971

Here’s a 1971 Dodge Demon, this car already looks very cool, but the Owner’s have decided it’s time for a partial restoration.


The Demon has some evidence of rust, there are rust bubbles down low in the usual spots. The only way to fix this is to dig in and find good steel.

The Demon needs some mechanical work before we start the rust repair. The door hinges are worn out and need to be replaced. We can replace the hinge pins, or replace the entire hinge top and bottom. The Owner has decided to replace all the hinges top and bottom since they are available. 

We pulled the doors and will replace the hinges on the pillar side, then rehang the doors. Door sagging is the most common issue with classic cars, having new hinge sets make this job much easier.

Pulling the Dodge Demon doors took a little work, the hinge bolts are hidden behind the interior kick panels. Once the doors are re-installed, we will adjust them pretty close, the body shop will get the door gaps correct once the body work starts.

The first major rust concern on this Dodge Demon, the trunk floor! Having to replace entire trunk floors on these old cars is pretty common. Fortunately, the rust is only on the surface. We will treat the rust, then Rhino line the entire trunk area.

The trunk of the Dodge Demon has been Rhino lined, this should last the life of the car. Failing trunk seals and leaky rear windows is the most common cause of rust in the trunk. Now that the trunk is all sealed up, the original equipment can be re-installed.




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