Chevy Sedan 1955

This 1955 Chevy 2dr came to us un-finished. The Owner wants to get this car put back together. Prescott Hot Rods see this all the time.

There’s a pretty good pile of parts set around the car, we will take an inventory and see what we have to work with. The owner will be bringing us another load of parts soon.

Looking under the rear end things look ok, the under coating has been done, not seeing any rust. The pinion seal is leaking, that will have to be fixed before we get too far.

The engine has been installed and someone has tried to hook up the accessories, i’m not sure i like the access to the P/S pump. It looks a little crowded, we may have to rearrange the way things are setup.

There are some details that need to be fixed here, the car is going to be an automatic, this means that third pedal you saw will need to be removed. Also the old A/C heat unit will come out, we have a New A/C Heat system that will be taking its place.

The picture on the left shows the A/C Heat unit now gone, we should have lots of room to install the new unit. Also the third pedal is now gone, the picture on the right shows that we removed the clutch and now have our setup.

This 1955 Chevy was started by someone else, it looks like they wanted the Alternator and P/S Pump on the same side of the engine because of the New A/C Compressor. This looks really unbalanced, Prescott Hot Rods would rather fabricate a mount and have it done right. The picture to the right shows a much better balanced configuration. 

The New fuel tank is ready to go in, the straps are insulated with leather to provide a sturdy noise free ride. The tank has been painted and the float installed.

The 55 Chevy’s brakes were the next item we needed to address, the new plunger had to be installed before we hung the booster. We added the master cylinder and proportioning valve next and started bending brake lines. It takes time to do a new brake setup, making sure there are no leaks.

The next order of business for the 55 Chevy will be the wiring. We need to remove the old wiring harness and fuse panel, and replace them with an all new electrical system for the 1955 Chevy.

When it comes to wiring kits, you have a lot of different companies that offer so many types of kit options. Still, you get what you pay for. Kits can range from $150 to well over $1500. when in doubt talk with the companies direct. You can see this kit is well packaged and is built specifically for the 1955 Chevy. We have come a long way since the old glass fuse panels.

The New fuse panel has been mounted and the wires need to be separated to to be ran to there locations. You always want to run your wires loose to the location before doing any tying up or cutting. Always check your bundles to make sure all the wires labeled really go in that direction.

Data loss…


The old wiring still needs to be removed and the new harness routed. 

The instrument cluster is in pretty original shape, we will pull it apart, clean and rewire it.

The American Auto-wire kit comes with some basic wires for the Instrument panel. Some assembly will be required of course. The Instrument cluster is pulled apart and detailed before it goes together.

We only wish that the wiring harnesses came looking this easy. The only part that comes together is the plug. The unit is back together can can be put in the car.





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