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This 1970 Chevy Camaro RS has come to us from Prescott, AZ. This car is getting an old school restoration. Its going to have that look from the 80’s, the rake will be larger and it will probably have the 50’s in the back.


This Camaro has seen better days, of course you can’t be too picky these days. Split Bumper Camaro’s are hard to come by, the prices on these rare cars seem to just keep going up.

The interior of the 70 Split Bumper seems to have most of the pieces, this will change. The center console will come out, and the car will have a muncie 4sd installed.

The outside will require some serious bodywork, as you can see the rear sheet metal needs to be replaced. The passenger lower rocker panel is pretty dented in, this will require some pulling to get it back into shape.

The nose of the car will need to come apart, the engine bay must be painted before we can install any kind of motor in this car.  The firewall will need to be  addressed before an engine can be installed.

Here’s another shot of the rear end. The old sheet metal removed, we can begin to form the new sheet metal in place. Lots of work will be required to make this look original.

The car has been pulled apart to the firewall, the holes will be filled and the firewall smoothed. This car is getting an aftermarket heater, the old unit came out as well.

The spring on the drivers side is broken into pieces, compared to the passenger side you can see that it  shouldn’t fall out when the spindle is removed.

The front A-arms are removed along with all the steering linkage, steering box and brake calipers. Everything will get degreased and pressure washed. Next to come out is the subframe, the frame bushings are worn out.

The subframe is out, the frame bushing were really worn out. New  Polyurethane frame bushings will be installed after the frame is painted. The entire car will get new bushings front to back. The next project for this car is to smooth the firewall and get rid of the holes.

The firewall needs to look better than this. The Heater box hole and all the holes not being used will be welded shut. The entire area will have a new sheet of metal welded in place and be smoothed, the area will look clean.

Ok, this is what happens when you work all day without taking any pictures. The firewall is all done smoothed and primered, the subframe has been pressure washed and cleaned, the subframe is installed and aligned with the new bushings. Also the New core support arrived and is installed on the frame.

The firewall of the 70 Camaro is all smoothed, the entire front section is now painted Chassis Black. Its time for the engine to get a permanent home, the Muncie transmission is mounted and ready to be installed together.

Sometimes we get a little carried away, we did a lot of work here between pictures. The engine was installed along with the transmission. If you look close you can see the jack still under the transmission, waiting for the cross member to be installed.

The core support has towels wrapped around it for protection, while the engine is being installed is always the time chips and scratches happen. The weight of the engine was needed to be able to install the front coil springs, the break calipers were cleaned and tested. The drivers side caliper was frozen stuck from rust, these happen to be pretty common calipers and are available locally.

The rear brakes had to be replaced, they were approaching the ware tabs and would be making that terrible noise soon. The drums were turned and and will be painted and adjusted during assembly.

The brake drums in the rear are now complete, both sides have been rebuilt and its time to check the Master cylinder. It looks like water has gotten into the system, common on cars that are sitting outside in pieces. The Master cylinder will have to be removed and completely gone threw, you don’t want to pump that rust threw the brake lines.

The 70 Camaro is originally an automatic, the drive train going in…Manual. So we need to convert this car to a 4 speed , adding a clutch pedal. In some cases you can buy a conversion kit, in this case, we need to fabricate the parts.

The brake master cylinder has to be removed, this allows the brake pedal assembly to be removed. As you can see im mocking up the clutch pedal for the car. The pedal assembly was removed and modified to have a clutch.

The drivers door is removed, the hinges need to be removed. They are worn out and the door is falling off, the hinge will be rebuilt and the door put back on.

These are the inner fenders for the 70 Camaro. These need to be sanded smooth, the paint is very rough that’s on them now. They need to be smoothed for the Gloss Black chassis paint to be applied.

These are the door hinges for the 70 Split Bumper, the need to be unloaded, taken apart and new bushings installed. You can see the old pin bushings are just worn and falling apart. New bushings are installed and the hinge will be put back in. Then the door can be reinstalled on the car.

The Clutch is in and working, now its time to install the Manual shifter. The floor was cut to get the shifter into the right place.  The hole that was cut will be partially welded shut. The 70 Camaro is now a 4 speed.

The Camaro needs to get running soon. There are still lots of items that need to be addressed before this car will be running. First thing is the radiator, we have a nice aftermarket aluminum one to keep it cool.

The radiator is mounted in place and the new lines are installed. The top hose is a chrome aftermarket, nice but its tricky to get these hoses leak free.

Another item that is a mess, the original wiring harness. Its gonna be a lot of work to clean this mess up. After careful examination, there are wires missing. The harness will be rebuilt and ran to the areas it should go.

Here’s a side view of the engine compartment after the radiator was installed. Also the wiring has been started, battery tray installed and lots more wiring added. Can you see another couple items that are newly installed?

A couple more items have been done, the radiator shroud had to be modified to fit, it worked out well. The flex fan is a good option to keep this 70 Split bumper cool. Also, the power steering is now ready. Belts for the alternator and power steering have been installed as well.

Up next, start to tackle the inside, the key is locked up. once we get the ignition changed out, we can see how we did with the wiring. It should be ready for its first trial start up.

The inside is going to have to wait, the back of this car really needs to be repaired. The 70 Camaro R/S came to us with the back end torn apart. The body needs to be straightened out a little before we can fit the new section.

The new sheet metal is waiting to be installed, the old spot welds have been drilled out and the metal pulled straight. We have installed the trunk lid to make sure and align everything while we are working.

After some pulling, the deck lid (or trunk) is fitting good. The new sheet metal rear end looks like a pretty good fit too. This is a lot of work, there are about 50 different points that have to fit perfect before we can weld the new piece in place. Mocking up the sheet metal may mean doing it over 20 times…until it is right.

The sheet metal for our 70 Camaro Rally Sport has been all welded in. the fit is really good, it just takes time. Pulling the body back into shape first is the most important. Next up is our front end pieces, they are all sanded down and ready to be paint Gloss Black.

The inner fenders and outer fenders will all be painted and assembled as one piece before we install them on the car. The mock up was done before we took the front end apart. Here you see the pieces painted and being buffed out before we put them together.

Gloss Black always looks great! The 70 Camaro engine compartment is almost ready to start putting the pieces back together. The second shot is the inner and outer fenders bolted together and ready to install on the Camaro.

Ok, so sometimes we keep moving and forget to get all the pictures. It took some time to install the front end. Working with pieces that are freshly painted, always has its risks. You have to take lots of time and care not to scratch something up, two guys working together is always a good idea. Next up is to get this car running, and get a full exhaust system installed.


















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