Chevy Apache stepside 1959 > Click here to see project.

New project starting soon!!! keep checking in for details about this new and exciting build. This is going to be a very cool project!

Well here we go, finally the 59 Apache has moved into the shop. We need to get started taking it down to the chassis. The restoration will be a little milder than first though.

Now that the hood is off we can get a good look at the engine compartment. The engine was pulled before it arrived at the shop, this truck has been redone at some point. There is a steering rack and a Mustang IFS already installed.

The amount of bolts that need to be taken out…Wow, unbolting the front end is taking some time. At least it was pretty solid! We need to take off the core support, and each fender.

Here’s a shot of the rebuilt cross member. The truck was driven for a while after it was rebuilt back in maybe the 80’s. There are still lots of bolts to take out. The drivers fender is tougher to take off because of the damage to the outer fender.

Finally, the drivers fender is off. Here’s a pile of nuts and bolts… and we still need to get the other fender off. They just don’t build them like this anymore. Now your starting to get a look at the IFS setup on the truck.

Ok, both fenders off and just a core support to remove. The front end is always a good amount of work to get apart. We made some pretty good progress on the truck this week, next up is the cab and bed.

The work on the Chevy Apache continues, the next is to remove the doors. Sounds easy right? Wrong, these doors were designed to be installed with cage nuts and bolts, in other words just take out the bolts, the nuts that are on the backside are fixed and should not turn.

It took a very long time to remove these doors! Someone installed these with standard nuts and bolts. over time these rusted and while trying to remove them, the nuts hidden inside the pillars just turned. These bolts are already in a very difficult place to un-bolt, now we had to figure out how to cut and drill out the bolts to remove these doors.

What should have taken 20-30 mins, took hours! These doors are large and heavy, the job took two guys and all kinds of devices to drill and cut the bolts off.

If you looks close at the door hinge points, you can see why you should mount these doors with cage nuts! There is no access to the backside of the door mounting area. The seats and stuff have been removed and now it’s time to take out the carpet and diamond headliner.

The carpet has been removed, the floor looks pretty solid. There are a few holes from previous customizing and fabrications.

The headliner is out, it was up there pretty good. It was attached with spray glue, it looks real rusty, but most of what you see is discolored glue.

The bed sides are next, these bolts of course are real rusty and don’t come out without a fight. The bed has a carpet liner in it, you never know whats behind the carpet. In most cases it solid rust because its held in water.

The wood bed looks to be in decent shape, we will know more once we start to remove all the pieces. The bed sides are off, it took some time but the sheet metal all looks pretty good. There are signs of rust is various places that will need to be replaced with new metal.




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