Ford Sedan 1951 / Click here to see the project

This 51 Ford Sedan is coming in for some much needed floor work. The sheet metal is on order. Look for this one in the next 2-3 weeks.

The rocker panel on the drivers side needs to come out. This will be replaced while we replace floor sections.

The floor will have to be cut out on both sides. The sheet metal for replacing floors is becoming harder to find. There are lots of replacements, but only the right one will fit.

The new section of floor is tacked into place, a little more welding and it will be time to start on the drivers side.

The drivers side has much more rust to contend with. Now that its trimmed up, we have made a piece to repair the tunnel first.

The work on the floor is a little more extensive than just welding in a sheet. the floor needs supports built to hold the drivers seat stable.

The rocker panel on the drivers side is being taken apart. the old one will be cut out carefully so that the new one will have structure to support it.

Here is a picture with the rocker panel removed, and the after shot of the same area after the new one is in place. The floor is also done, the next step is to rhino line the floor to prevent any future rust.

The inside is now complete. the floor has been repaired, the rocker panel has been replaced and the inside has a nice Rhino coating. Next up is the exterior rust repair.

The front end on the Old Ford is still all original, time to replace some worn out parts. We will also install custom springs to give this ride a lower stance.

The front end is all apart, it took lots of work! There was a lot of rust holding things together. Here you see the Rod ends ready to be torn apart and replaced.

The spindals need to be disassembled and rebuilt. You can see the passenger side is now complete. New shocks and Custom spring to lower the front end.

Looking under the drivers side, you can see all the new parts that were installed. The front end was pretty loose when we got started, now it feels as solid as it did when it came out of the factory. The car has a much better stance.

The rust removal continues on the 51 Ford. The only way to correctly get rid of rust is to cut it out, all the way back to clean metal.

Starting on a panel, grind away the surface rust until you find clean metal. then cut out the area and make a new piece of sheet metal.

Here you can see where the metal was cut away. The next step is to treat the layers behind with some kind of rust incapsulator. The next step is to cut and shape a new piece of metal to be inserted and welded into place.

This is a shot of the front fenders on both sides. the metal fabrication is complete and the filler you see is a metal filler, stronger than the plastic body filler.

The rust repair on the 51 Ford is complete, both lower sections are now solid and are ready for paint. A car with this much rust is sure to have more hidden somewhere, but for now, at least its solid and safe to enjoy.

This is the split bench seat the owner picked up for the car. The springs seem to be in pretty good shape, and with a little work we can get started on the Upholstery.

The seat for the 51 Ford is a lot of work, these are the top sections of what is called a split bench. The split bench allows you to access the back seat area of the car, from either door.

This is a shot of the bottom seat of the 51 Ford during construction. The seat bottom is now complete and its time to start the individual bench backs.

I guess i didn’t get any photos of the seat backs while they were being built. This is the finished photos, the seat came out great and its all mounted and ready to enjoy. The 51 Ford is leaving the shop for a while, look for it to return in the future for??


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