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This 39 Chevy sedan came to us for a complete build. The client is a long time customer that had us build the 47 Dodge you see on the website. Ron is a great customer and always like to build something different.
39 Chevy ready for tear down.                              Mostly surface rust. Roll pan will be replaced.

39 frame off restoration.                      This 39 will be getting a newIFS front.

New rear suspension installed, now starting front IFS.

New IFS front end installed.  This was a bolt in kit… yea right! These never just bolt in!!

The firewall was removed, this build will require a custom firewall for engine clearances.

With the firewall removed the new one can be fitted.

That was quick..  There’s a lot of work that goes into something like this.

Engine and transmission mockup and fit.       Custom motor mounts done.

Frame painted…                                                           ready for paint…

New firewall.                                                                    Bottom all undercoated.
Exhaust work being done.                                          Engine installed, exhaust finished.
Chassis finished, gas tank installed.                     Firewall all smoothed and painted.
Body all undercoated.                                              Starting to look like a car again.
New Wiring harness being installed.  The wires will be hidden pretty well in the engine compartment.

Chevy has all the sheet metal rehung for mock up. Believe it or not, this car now drives
under its own power. The drive train is all finished.
The roll pan is all rusted out, this will be measured and cut so a replacement panel can be fit into place. The new stamped pieces almost never fit very well. There will be lots of hours to trim and fit this piece correctly. You can see that the inner structure is rusted out as well, this will get cut out and new pieces will be hand made. no one is stamping out inner sheet metal. 
All done. you can see how well everything fits if your careful and measure things twice. The trunk lid even fits the new roll pan pretty good. The inner pieces were replaced, they help to support the outer roll pan and make it solid.
The fenders have been fitted and a skim coat of body filler is used to get everything just perfect. The body filler is put on in thin coats and sanded of to reveal and low spots or scratches. This will give you a perfect panel when your done.
The front lower quarters have some rust as well. To do this correctly, all the rust must be cut out, even the inner structure. This rust will come back if you don’t get rid of it. On this side the inner structure will have to be hand fabricated, then a new outer skin will be hand made. This is the correct way to fix this.
The new quarter is complete and its better than new. The inside of the trunk area was all prepped and it will be coated with POR rust encapsulator. This product has worked very well for hot rodders and keeps the rust from continuing to grow.
The body work is moving along on the 39 chevy. There is pretty heavy surface rust on this car, and it has taken lots of time to remove it. The fit and finish of these cars is very important, if the parts don’t line up you could chip or scratch the paint when its finished. These big fat fenders are a favorite of so many hot rodders. 
The car is now in a primer sealer. there is still much light bodywork to do and then more primmer will be sprayed. 
Dash board is all prepped and ready for paint. The colors on the car where hand picked by the owner, the dark blue will go on the outside of the car. 
The running boards are a little rough, way too many holes. We will cover the old ones with new sheet metal and smooth the finish. 
The running boards are better than new. they have new sheet metal and the ends will be finished to compliment the body lines of the car. When complete these running boards will not be so plain. The finished product will include chevy bow tie logo and treads for nonslip.
39 Chevy getting another coat of primmer for final block sanding. These steps are critical to a great looking paint job.
Heres the car after a heavy primmer coat. The car will set and let the primmer cure, then it will be ready for light block sanding and almost ready for paint.
The car is now all blocked out. Another coat of primmer was sprayed and the car is being wet sanded to get it nice and smooth for paint.
This car has a molding that goes down the side, its part of the sheet metal sides on the car. The Customer wanted it painted to look like chrome molding with a painted pin stripe in the center. This will require lots of masking and painting steps to achieve this look. Here you can see the doors starting to go threw the paint process. The Tan paint you see will become the Tan stripe in the center of the chrome on the car.
Here’s another look at the process. You can see here that the doors and body of the car have the body molding painted to look like chrome, with a Tan stripe down the center. This will be masked off when the body of the pieces are painted blue.
The stripes on the car are masked off and the base color of blue is being sprayed. This blue was a custom color mixed especially for this client. This car will be a real attention getter at the local shows.
Here is the car with the base all painted. You can see the difference once the clear coat is applied. The whole car will be buffed out before it is finished and assembled.
The 39 Chevy has the main body and doors painted. The blue is a special blend, it looks lighter in the sun light. The fenders and hood are next, right after we get some glass in the car.
Never seen a 39 Chevy this color before. This car is sure to get plenty of stares, trips to the gas station will take a while. everybody’s gonna want to look and ask questions. 
The rear end is all assembled and looks fantastic! this is a beautiful color!! The 39 Chevy is starting to look like a car. The fuel filler neck still needs to go in, there are no repop parts for this, so we need to fabricate one from scratch.
Here is the front end of the 39 Chevy, the inner fenders have to be assembled off the car. At this point the front clip can start to be bolted together.
The front fenders are now polished out and bolted to the car. As you can see the grill assembly and bumper are now in place. The next step is the headlights and finish up the wiring. This car looks so different with the front section coming together.
Here’s a look at the front section with the headlights finished. These are really cool lights, they just complete the front section of the car! This 39 Chevy is really starting to look like a great show car! This is the quality of work done by Prescott Hot Rods, this is no show car, this will be a daily driver for the owner, I’m sure you could enter this car into any show and get plenty of respect!
If you look close you can see more details added… The front running, turn lights have been added. The process you see here is the hood being final fitted, this has been done a half dozen times during the build. While you assemble these cars piece by piece, its always best to keep mocking up the next phase. The tolerances on a great fitting Hot Rod are very close, it wouldn’t take much to get the nose of this car way off!
Here’s the difference with the hood and headlights. This 39 Chevy is almost completed on the outside, the up coming work to be done will be, Alignment and fitted with wheels. The owner is opting to go with some traditional baby moon wheels. We will update the pictures when available.
The 39 Chevy will get insulation installed in the doors, side walls and the engine firewall. We will try to insulate as many areas as possible, this will make for a quiet ride.
The insulation is all complete, this will give you a much quieter and smoother ride. There are lots of other areas that get this treatment before this car is ready for the  interior to be complete.
The panel mockup has started on the 39 Chevy. All the panels will be made from scratch to give it a perfect custom fit. Once the interior panels are complete, the design layout will take place. The actual design will be drawn right on these panels, then the Upholstery department will transfer those designs into the actual materials to cover panels, seats, headliner etc.
100_4916 100_4917
The hood for the 39 Chevy has been waiting for paint, again it is a detailed process because of the chrome stripe. 
Here’s the finished process, there’s many hours between the 2 photos. After the hood is wet sanded and then painted, it gets color sanded, buffed and polished.
Here’s the finished hood installed onto the car. It’s so hard to tell that the chrome stripe is hand painted and not the real thing! Now this car looks complete! the front end of these older cars just have so much great style. They just don’t make fat fenders like this anymore.
The Interior of the 39 Chevy is getting underway. The headliner will go in just like the original, the doors will have a wind lace to keep any noise outside the car.
Wow that was fast! There are a lot of hours that go into something like this, the original style headliners have to be hand stretched in all the right places to get all the wrinkles out. The spots you see are just reflections from the light.
The headliner is all finished, it looks just like the original. The window trim is still primmer gray, they will be painted blue pretty soon. The interior panels are next up.
Here you see the door panel and the Upholstery sewn together. The panel is almost ready to be covered.
The door panels are done. these panels look a little plain, but once they’re installed, they will have handles to give it some contrast.
The rear side panels are almost complete. Once the speaker is installed into the other panel they’re all ready to be installed. The wheels wells are being covered before these can be put in.
Here you see the panels installed into the 39 Sedan. Anytime you pick colors with this much contrast its a risk! I’d say this gamble paid off. The interior looks fantastic! Once the window frames are painted blue, the interior will start to look complete. This is going to be one nice ride!
These are the window trim pieces for the inside of the 39 Chevy Sedan. Here is a before and after shot of the painting. Once these are dry they can be installed. This will really make the interior look complete.
Ok, so guess what your looking at? Close, it’s the bottom seat out of the 39 Chevy. This seat will need to be taken all the way down to the seat springs. There was a few mice that used to live in this one.
This is of course the seat back for the rear seat in the 39 Chevy. It doesn’t look too bad, but experience tells me that this probably had Mice too! It will have to be stripped all the way down as well. Rebuilding these seats from the springs up is always a challenge. The important things are, to make sure it looks like it did back in 39, also that it has modern  comfort.
The rear seat for the 39 Chevy had to be completely torn down to the springs, then rebuilt from the ground up. The Foam is all new and molded to look like the original, the design will have a look that’s close to the original. Using Quality materials will give this Interior a timeless look. The goal is to make sure that in 10-20 yrs this still looks great!
This is the bottom rear seat, the sewing has a look that’s close to the original design. This High Grade Vinyl is used alone side leather, the look is very close and it’s just as soft. 
The seat foams for the front buckets is pretty good. These seat are not original to this car, the original seat for this car would have been a bench seat. While the bench would have been fine, these seats when finished will give the Old Car a great and modern look.
The bucket seems like it went pretty fast, well there is a lot of work that had to go into these buckets. The style was changed and, these seats originally had head rests. The Head rests were eliminated so that these seats would become a great pair of modern day hot rod art!
Here’s a itylook at the finished Interior, the contrast of this whole car was a gamble. Anytime you mix such a huge contrast of colors like this, you are taking a risk. Sometimes it pays off big!! This entire project has an incredible look. Remember, this is just a daily driver… Seriously, this is the kind of quality  work that Prescott Hot Rods can do. Show quality!
The high end interior looks fantastic! These seats are even more comfortable than they look. This car is gonna get some serious attention, when stopping for gas make sure to allow extra time, your going to get plenty of stares and lots of attention.  
Here’s a couple full Interior shots. The two tone contrast looks really great, the blue and brown colors look even better in person. This may be just a daily driver, but it will definitely  hold it’s own at any car show. Prescott Hot Rods has always been all about the details, right down to the smallest item.
The 39 Chevy looks fantastic! It is very very close to being 100% finished. Notice the really cool front license plate? That’s right, original from 1939. Up next is a custom built center console, this will hold the stereo and provide some additional storage space.
Ok, so the trunk came first. I will post some pictures of the center console later. The panels are made of paper or cardboard first, then the pattern transferred to wood. 
Once the patterns are all made and fit, they will be attached so they can be removed. The design layout from the Interior will carry over into the trunk. 
The trunk seems to come together pretty quick, it really took about 2 days to build panels and complete the trunk. The spare tire will have a cover made and complete the Trunk.
The Trunk is complete! The spare tire cover and the insert in the trunk door were the last items. If you are wondering about that hole… that panel lifts out to reveal storage to the jack and hand tools.
The finished 39 Chevy Restoration is now complete, it is a daily driver, This was a car show we did for BNI Arizona and the Monday Money Makers at the Jb’s in Prescott. It was the first show for the 39 Chevy as well as the 46 Willys Jeep.


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3 Responses to: Chevy sedan / 1939 > Click here to see project.

  1. Ed Sabatini says:

    Very impressive restoration /build what mfg. bolt in IFS kit did you use ??? It looks great how does the car handle?? Thanks Ed

  2. kirk says:

    Thanks. The company we used for the crossmember was Chassis Engineering. The crossmembers seem to be back ordered most of the time. It was a pinto setup, it works really great! The ride is really good. Its called a bolt in kit, but I did not just bolt in! Im experienced and it still took the better part of a day and a half to get it perfect.

    Thanks for the comment, if you need work done? please feel free to come by and see us.

    Kirk Litsey
    928 308-0568

  3. Wayne Willemsen says:

    Thanks for sharing the progress pictures. I love 39 chey sedans and this one turned out really nice.