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This Beautiful 32 Ford Coupe is coming to us from The Phoenix area. This Coupe is very nice! Its only lacking one thing… It needs a Gorgeous One Off Custom Leather Interior to match. Keep watching this one, Its going to get completed pretty fast.

The trunk of this 32 Coupe is just the fiberglass shell, we had to start this project by  building a floor. There were plenty of obstacles to consider, battery cables, fuel lines and wires. The gray mat is the sound deadener for the carpet.

The inside of the 32 is pretty much empty, no one makes interior kits for these cars, because they are all just a little  different. No two doors are the same, as well as the inside of the bodies.


When building an Interior for a High End Coupe like this, you need to have a plan and know where to start. There are so many obstacles to consider, and access to the wires and components for service is important.


This image shows the headliner area, if you look close you can see how crude the fiberglass edges are. The green tape marks a line where trimming and grinding will be done.

Looking close you can see the edges are ready to trim and grind. The picture on the right side shows the edge after trimming and sanding is complete.

The kick panels will be the start to cover the floor area. There are lines, hoses and wires to cover and make it look good. Most all of the components will be hidden to give the Interior a clean simple look.

The floor shifters and the cables need to be dealt with, the shifters have nice retaining rings and boots, but need some kind of pedestal for mounting.


The trunk is almost ready, the idea is to keep it clean and simple. The panels will be removable once they are finished. You need to keep access to wires and fuel lines available. The fuel pump is located behind one of these panels, it had a leak that could have been disastrous if it wasn’t found.


When building panels its best to start with paper or card board. Then transfer the pattern to wood or metal. This panel will get a clean simple design, when building a custom Interior. less is more.


The headliner is getting started, there is a lot that goes into making up a flat clean headliner. The headroom is already pretty scarce, so we need to add minimal thickness.

When it comes to customizing anything, it takes lots of mocking things up. The panels also have to be made so they are removable, this all takes lots of planing.

Here is the Custom Interior on the Trunk. Awesome!  All finished… There’s a lot of work and planing that go into making something one off. This is why there really isn’t anyone selling Interior kits for these cars. I have seen a couple, but you really do get what you pay for!

The inside of a Coupe like this has nowhere to start when it comes to an Interior. All the pieces have to be built by hand, this starts with card board patterns and wood.

When building the Interior, you have to have a plan. There is no given mounting points, they have to be installed by the builder.

The panels have to have some kind of design laid out. Once you have an idea, you have to transfer those ideas onto the inside of the car.

Building the inside of an Interior can take some time. you have to take into account every corner and edge that needs to be covered.

The panels start to take shape at this point. In order to design something like this, you have to be able to picture the finished project in your head. 

Once you have things mocked up in cardboard, its time to recreate them out of wood. When it comes to a glass car, no 2 are alike and every edge and corner is slightly different.

The next part is to start adding the foam, everything will fit differently once you start to add the foam. many pieces will have to be modified to fit and mocked up several times until your happy.

While your adding the foam you have to continue to mock up every area several times, then the design has to be laid out on the foam again.

The inside is starting to take shape, it wont be long before things start to get covered. The inside of a Roadster model is much easier, the seat is also the back wall.

This piece is the insert for the rear window, you can see where the Opera lights were added before the installation. The back wall and ceiling have to be covered before this can be put in.

The back wall and the window insert are finished! Looks great, the recesses in the ceiling are for the design to be installed. Up next is the finish lay out of the front panels and start to cover door panels.

The headliner is now complete. having the pleated panels installed makes all the difference. This is gonna be one really nice Interior.

Here you see a before and after for the firewall. The panels were built and then covered with the foam, then the firewall was insulated and foamed. After the panels were covered and firewall finished, we put it all together.

The doors are now done, kind of a strange illusion with the photos back to back. All the panels are finished, up next is the Carpeting.

Carpet padding is being installed all over the floors, this second photo shows the carpet starting to be installed. If you look, you can see that the shifter and brake boots still need to be made.

With the carpet pad fully installed, the carpet can be laid out and started to be installed. The carpet edges will be trimmed in the light gray vinyl.

Carpet is now complete, its best to keep it very simple and clean. The finished floor area will get the lap belts installed and its now ready for the seat.

This is the seat that the customer has brought in for the Coupe. It is very  unique, i would like to know who built this seat, lol. The writing you see on the seat is like a road map, it will allow me to put it back together like it is.

Looking at the seat you can start to see how complex it really is. The top seat back material is removed and the foam shows the work that went in to building this seat.

The seat is stripped down to the foam and springs, if you look close you can see the broken spring on the drivers side. This will need to be fixed before the Upholstery can be finished.

The seat for the 32 will need to be re-formed. The old foam is pretty warn out, the new Leather seat will fit much better. Here is the seat bottom sewn up, its just setting on top of the foam. It will still need to be fitted.

The seat bottom is fitting good. It still needs to be fitted around the bottom. The seat spring has been repaired, the seat foam is fitted  individually.  The leather will be pulled around the bottom edges and fastened down. 

The 32 Ford Coupe is now complete! The whole car looks fantastic, you could enter it in a show and be very proud of it. The leather seat was a lot of work, the details are hard to see, but its all leather and it came out really well.

Here’s a few more shots of the completed interior, the steering wheel is also wrapped in the matching leather. Don’t forget the shifter boots, they are hand made from the same leather as well.

The 32 Ford Coupe is all complete, its ready for its trip back to Phoenix. The car is just Awesome! It can to our shop without any kind of interior, the pieces all had to be hand made. This is truly an Original Interior, We hope that everyone that see the car enjoys it like we do.














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