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1967 Camaro purchased from phoenix. Keep watch on this project… this is going to be anything but a stock camaro when finished!

67 Camaro project.                                                     This car is missing all the lights.

upon first inspection the car seems to have solid floors. The passenger side floor will need a little work.

Pretty clean in here… only surface rust around the windows.

Interior is really thrashed! The center console is missing, but we have plans for that. The interior when finished will look nothing like the stock camaro.

Camaro on the back burner for a couple weeks!

Back on the Camaro project, door handles shaved, New tires and wheels, New disk brakes, lowering kit installed,motor and transmission mocked up.
Not quite low enough… we can fix that!

Chip Foose is not the only one that modifies those bumpers. Prescott hot rods can do
all kinds of custom modifications. The front and rear bumpers of this 67 camaro will
be tucked right up to the body. No gaps…

Camaro is now in primer ready for final block sanding. The custom bumpers are finished
and all fitted.

Camaro ride height is still being worked on.   Some sheet metal being fabricated.

All of the sheet metal parts have been fabricated in our shop. This will allow for a much
cleaner look when the car is completed.

Tail lights will be custom. smoked glass flushed into the body.

The front clip is ready to come apart. We now have access to the firewall, which will have all
the extra holes filled and smoothed to give the car a much nicer look.

Firewall being smoothed. The interior is getting started. All the wood work is next.

The custom interior will require loads of work. This will be nothing close to the
original interior you would see in a camaro. The look will be bucket seats front and
back, with a high end center console.

Camaro headliner and trunk are all mocked up  and ready for upholstery.


Camaro custom seats being hand made. The rear seating in the camaro will have custom

bucket seats that are hand made for the car. The interior will take a good deal of time.

Interior mock up is coming along. The whole interior will be hand made and one of a kind.
Camaro with the firewall smoothed and ready for paint. The car has been converted to front disc brakes as well.
Firewall all painted along with the frame. The underside of the car has been cleaned and painted, and the tank has been dropped down to be inspected and cleaned. 
The engine, transmission, and new duel exhaust has been put on. The car is being wired and the inside heater box and under dash wiring is in the process. This car is almost ready to fire up.
The dash is now wired and completed. The dash topper was really bad, so we re foamed it and covered it like a new piece. This dash is now better than the original.
The front fenders on the Camaro have been highly modified with mini tubs to accommodate the oversize wheels and tires going on the car. This will give clearance to allow the car to keep its low stance and be drivable. there really is no short cut for this. when completed, looking inside the engine compartment you will never know that this work was done.
Here is the finished inner fenders. The undercoat gives the pieces a great finished look. This product is a commercial grade spray in liner, it also serves to keep road noise down due to the heavy undercoating. Once these pieces are installed in the car they will be functional and you’ll never know they’ve been modified.
The hood also got the spray in liner. This looks great when finished, and also helps insulate the engine compartment. These pieces will be clear coated when done, giving them a much better overall look.
Camaro engine compartment. the inner fenders are all painted and re assembled. There’s some hours here in the sheet metal fabrication and the total assembly.
The engine compartment is almost complete. 
The trunk is almost ready to be sprayed with a commercial grade liner. It will help with sound deadening
and protect it from rust. The trunk will still have a custom interior created for it.
The trunk is all finished being coated. It will now recieve a custom interior to match the inside of the car. This car is going to be very nice when completed.
The trunk is now completed. The panels have all been covered, the storage is behind all the panels to keep this trunk looking clean. 
The pictures just don’t do this trunk justice! This finished product looks fantastic, this area is all hand made. Not going to be able to purchase anything like this. Prescott Hot Rods specializes in complete custom interiors. These would be one off interiors that your not gonna see anywhere else.
The custom headliner is being designed and built. There will be no bows ( rods ) in this headliner. this will be handmade and look better than those old fashioned type. theres a lot of work and prep that takes place to build and install one of these headliners.
The custom headliner for the Camaro is done. This is a one of a kind, and take much longer to build. The end result is so much nicer than the original type. 
Work has started again on the 67 Camaro project. The seats are all completely had made custom buckets. The front and rear seats of the car will have bucket seats instead of the bench seat. This allows us to custom design a center console that will extend thru the back seats as well.
There will be many many hours invested into the interior project, these templates have to be made from scratch. The bucket seats will be covered in leather, there’s just nothing like the feel of brand new soft leather. 
Front buckets seats are now done, these are all Leather and hand made! The carpet pad is going in now, next we will start to finish the custom console and install some carpet.
The layout for the panel designs is starting to take shape. These panels will have a very expensive look and have many hours into each of them.
When doing carpet for a custom job like this, there are many things to consider. Once you add padding and carpet, some things won’t fit anymore. It’s the finishing details that make a job look good.
Here are some of the side panels that have been foamed and the designs layer out. These panels are all hand made, in most cases Prescott Hot Rods won’t reuse old side  and door panels.
Here you see the finished panels. The design is original and you won’t find another set of panels like these anywhere.
These are the door panels for the 67 Camaro, there are lots of thought and hours that go into these designs. The panel for the rear deck or Hat tray is to the right.
Here is the finished door panels for the 67 Camaro. 
This kind of hand made custom interior is great! if you want to make sure you never seen anyone with the same custom interior as you?? better come see us!
The amount of time and effort that goes into a custom original interior like this will never be fully understood by anyone, except maybe someone else that does this type of work.
This photo is a little tough to see what your looking at. this is above the rear seat, the hat tray. This panel   will allow the speakers to be heard, but also give this area a very classy look.
If you look close you can see that the step plates are covered as well, this gives the interior a very finished look. The details are always very important here at Prescott Hot Rods.
This is the shot we’ve been waiting for. Here you see the carpet and center console finished. The center console is a very unique design idea. The front and back seats will now be individual bucket seats.
The center console has cup holders, front and back and also interior lighting. The rear of the car has custom designed hand made bucket seats that will insert into the openings.
The interior is starting to come together, there is still a few things left to do. The bucket seats are next to be installed.
This is a look at the head liner and the sail panels. The painted interior door panel gives this area a little contrast. You can get an idea of the depth of the center console in this shot.
Ok the bucket seats are in. These are hand made and leather. There’s nothing quite like the feel and smell of soft leather. The photo on the right is a picture of the rear hat tray from the view outside the window.
The Interior for the 67 Camaro is all  compete.  It is very difficult to photograph a black leather Interior, the light reflects and makes it look Gray. This is Black, it just looks like a Charcoal Gray in these photos.
Here is the first photos of the back seats, this Custom Made Leather Interior is a one off and so comfortable! the center console is unique and it’s not something you’d see in the back of a 67 Camaro.
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