Chevy Truck / 1957

This 1957 Chevy pickup truck was brought to us after several failed attempts to complete the build. The owner was exhausted from working with so many different venders, the truck really wasn’t finished at each phase and different vendors had problems completing their work. The owner was frustrated to say the least and heard about Prescott Hot Rods.

The truck was brought to our shop in a half finished state in so many areas. Prescott Hot Rods is a one stop shop for serious project builds. This means that every phase of the build is done in our facility and custom made to compliment the overall finished project.

This 1957 Chevy needed the door panels to be completely redesigned to compliment and keep most of the traditional look. The headliner was attempted but never fully installed. We had an original carpet kit that was ready to be placed in the truck, we asked the owner if this is really what he wanted? He said that the original kit was a poor fit for such an expensive build. We agreed and threw it away! The carpet was custom made in our shop to fit the style of the build. The truck also needed a sound system installed, Prescott Hot Rods fabricated a custom speaker enclosure and a pedestal for the amplifier. There were too many things to mention in this article that had to be done to make this a safe Hot Rod. i.e. ( the backing plates on the posi rear end had bolts loose and ready to fall off!) The toughest part of this project was the overall fit and finish. The hood gap was very poor, this was because of the fit and finish of the entire front end. The bumper was never fitted properly and needed to be re-hung so that it had a nice tight appearance. We pretty much took the front end all apart and started over.

This project is now complete and was in our shop for about 4 days. The end result of this project was a safe vehicle and a very satisfied client and a customer for life. This is a beautiful truck, expect to see this one soon at some up coming shows.

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2 Responses to: Chevy Truck / 1957

  1. brian moore says:

    omg! beautiful truck. I would like to see and know more about it. I just bought a 57. I;m 47 years old and it has been a life long dream to own one.

  2. kirk says:

    Thanks, always welcome to come by the shop.

    Kirk Litsey